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Missing Person Locator For Alberta, Canada

The few million residents in this province are spread across Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, St. Albert and the rest of the smaller towns.

So my question to you is, where is the lost person you are seeking living?

One of the cities I already mentioned, or maybe in Airdrie, Medicine Hat or Cold Lake?

If you have no clue, it's fine.

I am sure you will still pretty soon locate him or her, don't worry.

You just need to know exactly what to do and where to look. It's good we've got the internet!

What an Canadian people search engine or Alberta people finder would do is, track down a persons whereabouts in this province or find someone who has at some point, lived in this part of CA.

I have really been searching, but have not found any website that is specifically dedicated to this province.

But there is a decent one that is for the whole country and will of course find someone in Alberta for you.

For example, Peyton M. used that website to track down his old flat mate. The story is below. It's pretty crazy what happened...

By the way, if you later come across a website that focuses only on this province, please let me know by commenting at the bottom of this page. I will appreciate it!

So, I assume you want to know what website to turn to when searching for someone?

A person you have completely lost touch with or some relatives you need to do some research on?

Well, I talk about a good Canada people search website on this page. Click on that link to go there.

Below is what Peyton wanted to tell us:

"When I was about to move from my old apartment in Lethbridge, my flat mate Michael begged me to let him continue living there.

I was the one who had signed the contract for that apartment so it was in my name. That made me pretty hesitant to let him stay there. But he promised he would take good care of the place and pay the rent in time each month. And I finally agreed.

I then moved to Leduc where I started my animation studies.

I had pretty much forgotten about the whole thing until recently when the company who owns the apartments in my old building called... They said I owe them money, that the rent hasn't been paid for several months! I froze when I heard it...

They also said that the apartment has been empty for some time now. I was shocked. I called my old flat mate but he had changed numbers. I looked for an Alberta people finder, but then, using this Canada people finder, I finally found his new number online.

His explanation to what had happened was that he had gotten diabetes and had to spend many days in the hospital. And with the medical bills he had gotten as a result of his sickness he was totally broke and had to move in with his brother.

I still can't believe that he didn't contact me to let me know what was happening!!

I know I was stupid to let him stay there in the first place, but I guess those are mistakes we sometime have to make in life to learn and become wiser... Like that song by Avicii :) - Peyton"

Make sure you also check on a USA people search engine. The US state Montana is close by and some Canadians move over there for jobs or to study.

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Private Investigator Tom Collins says:

"The local court house is the most reliable and gives you ability to focus your search.

If you pay them a visit first you will always be able to eliminate certain steps in your search. Cities, towns and counties need revenue, tickets from parking violations, traffic offenses or legal entanglements, so they do hold a lot of information on all of us. So going there to get some info would give you a great start.

Many jurisdictions allow for online searching of files, dockets or records, so this is always a great place to verify information from your own previous online search."

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