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Top People Locators For The United Kingdom

You can do a UK people search with the websites I recommend here. There are professional public record companies behind them so it should be no problem.

Are you experiencing a bit of nostalgia and feel a burning desire to locate someone from your past?

Did somebody you know move to London, Birmingham or Leeds a long time ago?

Or maybe to Brighton?

Maybe you used to write to them but now you have lost the address?

People Finder UK

The internet has evolved so much over the years that it is so easy to locate someone by doing a people search in the UK.

And that is what these kind of companies and websites specialize in...

- tracing and digging out bits and pieces of information on anyone.

There are many online resources you can use, no matter where in Great Britain they may be hiding.

Did you know that there are often details on some of us online simply because we have purchased a cell phone at one point in time or signed up for cable services or utilities?

Find People In UK Online

The trace websites check the electoral rolls when looking for your lost family, classmates or friends.

They also search through birth and death records.

Marriage records too if I have understood it right.

The 3 Best People Finder Search Engines England

On the following pages I write about three different websites, all very good in their own ways!

1  A reputable, low cost and easy to use England People Search engine.

2  Find someone UK with this site where you can locate someone but also do family history research. I also talk about how to find love in England on that page!

3  And here is another affordable people finder UK that works really well. It has all the newest electoral registers: Find People UK

If you have time, please return to this website in the future and let me and everyone that comes here know how you eventually were able to locate the lost one! It will help us learn what works and what doesn't!

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Some time ago something funny happened at a concert, that made me think about this website.

It was a pretty big concert, with 6000 people in the audience.

The host of the concert said she had been in love with one guy in the late 80's and they had met there at that same concert hall, but she has lost touch with him.

So she shouted: "Robert Berg, are you in the audience?". It was all quiet. Then she shouted "Is there anyone here who has a friend, brother or father named Robert Berg?".

Many people put up their hands and shouted "Yeee!". Probably they were just joking, but of course I can't know for sure, maybe one of them really knew someone with that name.

But I think a more effective way for her to find this guy would be to use a search engine for finding people :)

See the UK address finder page to get someone's address. Writing to each other might be a good start if you have not met the person for years.

By the way, here is some extra free people finder UK advice.

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