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How to Find Someone Worldwide

Searching for someone who has have moved to another part of this earth has its challenges... but this page is designed to make your search fruitful.

There are finders that can locate someone in Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia...

A site like that gathers information from social networking websites and some other places to give you the results.

There is a link to a place on this same website where I write about one of those worldwide people search engines.

How To Do An International People Search

Here you can learn how to find a person in most countries... Someone you just have not had the time to keep in touch with - it happens, I know.

Wouldn't it be easiest if you could get a hold of the person's email address? Then you could just send an email to them, talk about you and ask all the questions you want.

And later you guys can exchange phone numbers or talk on Skype!

You can quite easily find a person's email address with a program that works kind of like an international people search engine.

It's called the World Email Finder.

Click on the country or continent of your choice to read more about how to locate someone in exactly that part of the world.

If you don't see your country below, you can comment at the bottom of the page or contact me and I'll try to find out for you how to search for lost friends who are from or living in that part of the world.

Africa - People Search in Lagos Nigeria

South Africa - for all other African countries, click on the SA link and once you get there, scroll down the page :)

People Finder Australia - some great tips for all of us by an Aussie PI.


China - learn how to find someone in China!

Europe - all about the European countries.

People Search India (and Pakistan)

Russia and the old Soviet Union countries:

For any of those counties, you can use the licensed private detectives at

For a nominal cost you get all the details you need on someone's life and whereabouts. Well worth it.

More countries:


Or do you need to Find People in the Philippines?

Puerto Rico - there is info on this Eastern Carribean country on the worldwide people finder page.


The Badoo social network is used more in Europe and South America than in the US, so try to see if your lost friend has a profile there.

A book that I highly recommend is called How To Locate Anyone Anywhere.

Here I tell you about one of those finders that search the whole world for your lost friend.

And here is something that is really heart breaking!! To all mothers out there, if that boy would be your son, would you not just want to hold him and never let him go…

If you know Tunisian Arabic, can you please help me understand what they say? At about 04:45 the subtitle stops…

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Missing Person Alert

Ben Bongart, could also be Benjamin Bongart or Ben Bongartz

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