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How to Locate a Missing Person in the Philippines

Searching for old friends here in the Philippines? Check out the websites and social networks I talk about on this page, plus the contact details to the police and the helpful detectives.

Facebook is actually the most popular social networking website here.

And as you probably know, it does act as a people finder at times.

Friendster was the most popular people finder website in the Philippines before Facebook come into the scene.

It might not be as effective anymore as the amount of users has gone down.

That site has been a big help to me in finding my old colleagues and buddies, and I'm thankful for it because I found my friend before he died.

Sometimes, although not very often, people use nicknames when they make their profiles on sites like this. That is why it is good if you know for example what city he lives in or the name of the school he is or was attending.

Find People Philippines

Also search on Skype. Most people use Skype these days.

Another thing you could do when you need to do a Philippine people search, is to create profiles with your full name on the most common social networking sites. That way maybe that lost friend finds you instead!

The Online Phone Book

Find People in the Philippines with the white pages (

On the above site you can most of the time get the information you want (addresses and telephone numbers) so that you can keep in touch with your old pals.

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What to Do if You Have Lost Someone...
while on a vacation?

There is always a possibility that you will get lost or someone else will get lost, your kids, friends, little brothers or sisters.

So what can we do if someone dear to us gets lost?

1. Calm down, being hysterical will just worsen the situation.
2. Track down the places you went earlier, maybe she/he was just left behind and is waiting for you to come and look for him/her.
3. If you lost a family member in a mall, ask help of the customer service so they can inform the staff about the situation.
4. If you loose someone on the beach, let someone at a hotel very close by know about what happened. Ask them to can inform the guards/staff/life guard station as well as the nearest police stations.

If after all of these nothing happens, you better seek professional help. You can contact the...

They've got agents in Manila, Quezon, Davao, Caloocan and Cebu area.

You could also just contact the National Police:

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Here are the 4 Largest Cities in the Philippines with their Area Codes and Government Websites:

Manila (02) and

Quezon City (02)

Caloocan (02)

Davao City (84)

Our country code is +63

Tips when you get lost...

1. Calm down first and compose yourself so that you can think clearly and find someone to help you.
2. It is better if you stay in one place so that your family can find you easily. Look for a good place to wait at, a landmark, outside a big store or somewhere else where it is easy for them to see you.
3. If you don't have a cell phone, ask someone if you can borrow theirs. If you remember a number to someone you know, call them. The person you call will be able to help you in one way or another.
4. Try to remember the name of your hotel, and that way you can ask someone for directions and you can also find out the phone number to your hotel if you know the name of it.
5. Do not trust just anyone, do not go to someones home, stay outside in public places when you ask people for help.
6. Ask for some help from any hotel. You can also go to the nearest police station.

I hope this information will help!


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