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Looking For The Perfect Search Locator?

With dozens of people search services on the net, how do you find the best ones for your situation? The key is knowing which ones excel at what they do.

People Finder Search - An advanced online program will locate somebody for you.

You can search for anyone you miss.

Or find a family member you have never met before, like your birth parents.

But something to keep in mind is that you need to use a website that will respect your privacy.

One that will not use your email address or your other contact details for something else.

People Finder Search

Finding lost family means a lot to many of us.

For example, if you are adopted, at some point or another you will want help with finding your birth mother and father.

You can use a people finder search if you have the personal details of your biological parents that's needed for the search.

Remember that background search programs and friend finders are not there just to help, they also want to earn some too.

And unfortunately a few of them fail to be clear about how they charge you.

So when you are asked to pay for more information, or when you are planning to buy some records, make sure you understand what you are paying for and how you will be billed.

Try to find out if it is a one time payment or a recurring one.

Find People Online

A good example of a site to go to is people finders com.

If there are more than a hundred human beings listed on the page you see after having looked someone up, it will be a bit tricky for you to know who your friend is out them all. The best scenario is if there are less than 10.

Read about a people finder search engine site to consider, here.

My brother wanted to test one online people finder website some time ago. He found his name but next to it there was a list of his "roommates" - he doesn't have any roommates!

This people finder search had just randomly taken a few of his internet friends from a social network (guess which one?!) and listed them as friends living at the same address. He had never lived with those friends and just knew them on the social network, so that was a bit weird.

Free People Search Finder Info

Websites make strange mistakes like this a lot. The data found on a fee based or no cost people finder is not always supervised by a human.

But - even if listing internet buddies as individuals living in the same household seems very strange, it might not be so bad after all...

Because if you think about it..

it's pretty good to have the names of a few friends who often communicate online with the missing one! If you have tried to find him for some time without luck, well now you've got the names of a few individuals who might be able to help you!

Read more about how to search for people on the next page.


Despite all the mistakes people finder search engines might do, they can still be pretty useful!

Nevada People Finder

Here is a touching video clip for you:

Here is a question I got from a woman in Florida:

I'm trying to find out if the person I have been communicating with it's actually the person he says he is.

I have an e mail address. And a land line number... the nr is coming up as private.
I also have his name and birthday, but it might be fake.

It's a bizarre story behind all this. I need to know who I have been in touch with.

Lots of people say he is a scammer, but they are just guessing this.

I'm getting nervous about the whole thing. Please help me.

My Answer:

Hi sweety, sorry about that, I know how you feel.. I've gotten many similar emails from people who are worried about someone they met through an online dating site. Have you been able to talk to him on the phone? Does he seem like a genuine person with good intentions? If not, of course it would be best not to continue communicating with him...

Are you guys still writing to each other? If you have sent him any money and now he has mysteriously dissapeared, then yes, I would say he is a scammer.

Have you tried a reverse email finder? It could possibly give you some more info about the person who has set up that account, the IP address, the location, but the other details (names) might be as fake as the details he has given you. What country is he writing to you from?

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