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People Finders com - On this page I will talk about a site I stumbled upon a while ago and that I like very much. It is called Peoplefinders.

Have you heard about it before?

Find a link to it further down the page, just scroll down a little, you'll see it :)

Here is how to find lost relatives and anyone else with it.

Below that I have posted some tips a visitor that often comes here wanted to share with all of you.

Someone asked me if you can locate somebody quickly using this program I am about to talk about, and how quickly.

Well, it is a very fast system that will tell you immediately if it has what you need. But it depends. Usually you just click the button and there he is! But other times it looks like you are going to have to dig a bit deeper and that takes more time.

The good news is, it's cheap. It will cost you just a few bucks :)

More about People Finders com

It is reliable too. The pricing page is very clear and they often have some sales going on so most probably you won't have to pay the full price.

Using this site you will get to know most things you need to know on someone.

People Finders Com

I was able to track down somebody on that website the other day.

But my son was not able to locate his acquaintance (who is still under 18).

He did find the aunt and uncle though, so it worked out well that way.

FYI, on that site there is also an option for those who need to track down more than one person.

Go ahead and check them out here.

Sandy from Delaware wrote me beacuse she wanted to share with everyone who reads this what she has done:

people finders com

"I have found some of my relatives by doing a search on Google. Recently for example I was looking for a relative in another state and I used the Google search and the quotation marks around the name and then the boolean "+" (which means and).

After the plus or AND search I put the city and state.

I was able to find an article where she was mentioned and because of that way I could then find her!

You can also search names on newspaper websites because you never know if they were newsworthy.

I have also looked at the place someone last worked because most places of employment don't update their websites regularly.

That said, I'm really careful about respecting everyone's privacy.

So I use my techniques for those I know who may have just lost touch and would not mind me contacting them.

Also, one of the most shocking things is that anyone can easily locate your email address.

I usually therefore do a search on my own address periodically to make sure no one is using my identity online."

Thanks Sandy!

By the way, also has an email address search system.

How do you normally locate old friends online?

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