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Easily Locate a Missing Loved One in Europe

So, someone you know, but have lost touch with, lives in Europe? Has the person moved there just now or a long time ago? Or has he always lived there?

Either way, here is what you can do to find people in Europe.

In most European countries there is a number you can call to ask for phone numbers.

It's like a phone book on the run.

They will not have unlisted numbers there, but they will have everyone who said yes to making their number public when they bought a mobile phone or when they got themselves a land line. They have addresses too.

Find Lost Persons or Old Friends in Europe

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To find a person in Denmark, you can use this site:

In the field of "Hvad Navn" you write your friend's name.

And if you know in what city or town the person lives in, fill in the field where it says "Hvor Omrade".

If you are in Denmark and would rather call them, the number is 88 38 38 00


In Finland the number you can call is 118. There you just say the name of a person living in Finland and they will give you the person's phone number.
I am not sure if you can call that number (118) if you are outside of Finland though. But you could try, and in that case you would need to dial +358 118

In Finland we also have a very useful website and online telephone number service.

It is called

It only costs a few cents to get access to any persons phone number in Finland. I looked for someone there one time so I have a password. If you are looking for someone in Finland, just let me know and I can do the search for you.


To find a person in this European country you can use either or There are a few more websites you can try plus some tips on the page you come to after clicking on the France link above.


German People Finder Info - People Search Europe


"My father should be in Europe. We don't know where. He has lived in Ireland, but also many years in in Paris and some other places. He always used to send letters. He is over 70 and we are worried. This people search Europe page gave us hope, although we have a bit of a harder time than others because the last time he wrote he was in Cork in Ireland but the landlord says he moved away exactly one year ago now. So we are lost. - Peyton"

I'm sorry to hear that, Peyton. Look for an email from me, I just sent it. - Admin


Italy People Search




For Russia and for the countries mentoned here on the pic to the right,

plus lots of countries outside of Europe

go to the International People Search page.

Find a person in Scotland: To find people in Scotland, use this website:

Find people in Sweden:

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For those who would like to do genealogy or family research in Ireland, UK, Wales or the US, see a page that I have put together for this purpose.


Private detective Tomislav Medić gives the following advice about how to find a people in Croatia:

Since this country is a relatively small, doing a people search is not a problem for a professional, but if you want to do it alone it could be difficult - because there is not so much data or information on people online.

In case of trying to find a missing person, police authorities will assist you and then you most probably will find this person - if the person still is in Croatia.

If you just want to re-connect with someone the police will unfortunately not assist you (Personal Data Protection Law).

So then the only options are to use a private investigator or to use white pages, trade registry and social networks etc.

The website address to the Croatia white pages and yellow pages is:

There you can find white and yellow pages for landlines and cell phones from T-Mobile network.

White and yellow pages for the mobile operator VIPnet is:


The telephone search here is called It is an alphabetical residential and business directory."

Using that one might be your chance to find a person in Ireland, whether you are looking to find people in Dublin, Ireland, find people in Balbriggan, Ireland, find people in Cork Ireland or anywhere else.

You can also try to find a phone number of someone on this website:

Ireland Investigative Service could also help you.


PI Julian V. Tanase says this:

"To do a people search Europe and find people in Romania, a good place to start is to look them up in the Romanian telephone directories. Where can we find those? Online! These sites are only in Romanian."


Julian, what can we do if we only know the maiden name of someone?

"This a bit tricky. However, assuming the person divorced and remained unmarried, you can easily find her by using the search tips as laid down above. If the person is Romanian-born, send me a message. I will have a look for him/her on the national databases."

Find Julian here.


Here is a what Alex from PSS has to say:.

If you want to find someone in Ukraine yourself you must know the language. Or have a person with you that speaks Ukrainian.

If you speak Russian or Ukrainian you can call the phone number help service. The numbers of help services are different in every region. You can find them here:

If you know the language you can try: or
These are the most popular social networks in our country and they can of course be of help.

If you are the nearest relative of the missing person you can also apply to MIA of Ukraine.
If you don't know anyone who can help you, it would be best is to contact a PI. Here you can find more info on that.

To contact Alex, go to the private detectives page that you find in the nav menu to the left, but first scroll up to see the nav bar, beause right now you are very far down on this page :)

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Nani shared this with us:

I have been searching for a person for three years already. He always loved the south of Europe, Majorca, Sicily, Monaco and Greece. And he was also seriously talking about relocating to one of those places. If he has done that I don't know if I'll ever be able to track him down, especially since I don't know what country he chose...

Sorry to hear that Nani. I know it's hard, especially when you don't have a location. Hope these pages can help you anyway. For example, check this one out:

People Finder Worldwide

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