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My first attempts to locate someone in Italy were mixed at best. But after narrowing down the list, I have come to like the following people search engines for finding a missing person in Italia.

I tried one Italy people search engine on a recommendation, but it did not work at all. 

For now, I will not mention it here.

I tried to search for a person who should not be hard to find, but it came back with no results.

So I would recommend you use ones that work, for example a people finder I tried today and immediately saw a picture of the person in Genova that I was looking for!

Marco Ristori is his name. My friend from Milano, who lives in Genova.

It offered me a free background check as well, but there was no need for that. I know him well.


Italy People Search Question:

"My grandparents are Italian, but they moved to the USA when they were young.

My grandfathers two sisters and their husbands and kids also moved with them, so I have a lot of relatives here.

But it would be fun to get in touch with some of the relatives that were left behind.

Like my grandfathers little brother and my grandmothers sister and brother and their children.

Is there any site I could find them at?"

My Answer:

Why not try

You will most likely find your relatives if you have the city, village or province where they are from.

If you are not sure that you have found the right people when you get the names and numbers, how about making a few phone calls?

Just call and ask if they are related to you.

If it is a smaller city or village they lived in back then, but no longer seem to be living there, the older people in that area will know where your relatives have moved to.

So just try to find someone to call and you'll be much wiser :)

Audrey says:

I lived in Firenze, Italy in 2000-2001 because I was studying there.

I had a few friends who helped me feel at home in my new city, but when I left I of course lost contact with them.

Giovanni Arnone, Neri Maino and Gino.

I don't remember the surname of the last friend I mentioned. I do remember that he had a 17 year old son he had gotten as a teenager, and that he owned a shoe store close at the mercato in Florence, close to Piazza San Lorenzo.

Giovanni was an accountant. Neri worked at the Hilton hotel. I saw that you wrote about a good Italy people search where I can find people in Italy, so I will use it to find my friends, just wanted to write this to you first. Audrey

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"I am looking for Gino Marianelli, he studied for one year in Bologna in the year 2008." - Sofia

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