People Search by Address

People Search by Address - Here is How You Can Find People By Address!

If you...

  • are curious about your new neighbors
  • want to buy a certain property and need to know who lives there
  • think the person next door is cute and you want to know who it is...

...or if you for any other reason need to know who lives in a certain apartment or house, then a reverse address lookup will be perfect for you!

Ron G. says this:

"The person who lives across the street from us used to be really loud.

It wasn't good for us because our apatment faces his, and we hear everything as if he would be in our own living room.

Our 2 year old still needs her nap during the day, and with all that noise, it wasn't easy for her to fall asleep at all.

So I searched online for who he was - I used a people search by address. I then sent him a friendly letter explaining the situation.

If he would have been living in our building I could have just contacted the landlord or put a note on his door, but since he was living in another building it was easier to do it online.

I think he took my letter pretty serious! Now my daughter can sleep again :)"

Your Reverse Address Search Options:

You can find one here, it is a really good one!

Did you need to find a person's name from their street address? That's what I've been discussing here.

But did you instead want to...

Find a Person's Address?
People Search by Address or by Name

If you need a person's address (if you have his or her name) just use the same methods I talk about on this page: Find People By Name

Also, a really cheap people finder worth taking a look at is this one. They have reverse search options too!

Why do you need to search people by address?

Some time ago I asked you if you have ever used an address finder and why.

Melanie S. who lives in Brooklyn says:

"I wanted to buy an apartment in my building that seemed abandoned, so I used a reverse address finder to see who I could contact regarding this.

I found the owners, but the person I talked to said that they want to keep the apartment because they might need it when their kids grow up. I was disappointed...

But you know what? A week later the person called back and said they had decided to sell! I was so happy! I have now taken down the wall between my old apartment and this one, and I have a huge light space now that I can paint and do whatever I like with!"

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This is what Cheryl Larson sent me:

"Recently I have been missing my big love Bob... I met him on New Year's eve of the year 2000. I was 20 years old and he was 25.

A few years later when I got to know that I was accepted into the college I had always wanted to study at, I broke up with him... That college was almost 500 miles (800 km) from where we lived, so I just thought it was better to the break up with him... even if I loved him... a huge mistake :(

Now I've been trying to find him through our old address, but I haven't been able to locate him yet. I'm soon going to try yet another people search by address website and let's see what happens. Please keep your finders crossed for me!"