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How To Locate Anyone In The United States

Want to find people in the US?  Do you need to locate someone from your past? Or do you need to track someone down who owes you money?

It happens every so often that we make friends in school, in college at a job.

And then we stop communicating with them for one reason or another.

After maybe a decade or so we decide we want to see or speak to them again.

But now we have no idea where they are.

And also sometimes the parent who has the custody doesn't feel like keeping in touch with the other parent, if the relationship has not been the easiest - and then leave it up to the kids to get in touch with the absent parent when they are grown up.

find people in us

But the challenge is that the old number and email will often no longer be good when the children finally ask for them.

Will it still be easy to find that parent with old contact details? Not always.

Other times we want to find people in US because someone, like an old landlord maybe or a old business partner, owes us money and has disappeared.

Things like that happen. When I moved from Barcelona, I left one suitcase in the basement of a guy called Ari. He was my sisters friend.

It's been more than a year now and I would like to get my stuff back. But the friend is not answering my phone calls, emails or messages! My sis has also not talked with him for the past six months so the situation looks pretty bad.

It really feels terrible, because in that suitcase I had a lot of things I would like back.

People Find USA - Find people in US

To find someone, you can use the finder services available on the internet, there is a suggestion for you here.

Even if you get a hold of somebody you want to talk to, you can still not be totally sure that they will want to have anything to do with you once you reach out to them. That's what happened to me.

Something I should mention is that after researching and writing for about a year on how to find people in US,

and talking to those who try to locate someone,

I got to know that many of you don't feel satisfied with the answers you get from some of some online people finders.

Others are lucky enough to be able to use what they get to find the missing person.

Having said that, here is an example of a people trace program:

There you can search for people living all over the USA.

I saw that some of you were looking for a New Mexico people lookup, an Iowa people search, a Virginia and a Albemarle County people finder.

Earlier today I sent an email to someone with advice on how to locate her cousin. They both used to live with their grandmother, but the cousin moved away when she turned 18 last year.

I would be happy to forward the information to you, if you think it might also help you.

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Sometimes a long lost relative or his children could have gone into politics, who knows! In that case you could find them here:

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