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When trying to find people by name, it does help to know the full name of the lost one.

Many visitors who come here only know the nickname of someone.

And sometimes they only have a picture of the person and no name at all!

Like the lady who sent me the picture to this picture.

If you have enough information, then you could run a credit request on the one you are looking for and get their current address.

If they aren't paying their own rent or if they rent a room and pay cash without a contract, then they may not have a current address in the system.

How to find lost relatives?

Well, a very good thing to do would be to...

The Best Way to Find People

You can also search for someone using one of the better people finders.

I know that it's quite common to let life go by and to forget about keeping in touch with certain friends

- or in my case a few cousins I rarely call or visit, even if I really feel I should.

One of them just got a baby a year ago and I haven't seen her very much. But life is busy...

Also, my son basically never speaks to his dad. But I know that I am lucky to at least know where his dad is. Not all couples keep contact after they break up, even if there are children involved.

I think I would feel really bad for my son if I wouldn't know where my ex's was at all. Somehow throughout the years, even when we lived in NYC and he in Florence, Italy(!), I managed to make sure I wouldn't lose touch with him completely.

Here is a page where i write about a website that will find individuals for you:

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And here is something I found that I wanted to share with you:

Find People by Maiden Name

Another page on this website that might interest you, especially if you suspect that your friend has gotten married.

And here is how to find people by name if you only know the first name of someone.

Massachusetts People Finder

Wisconsin People Search

A Few Find People By Name Classifieds

Does anyone have any information on someone called Ethan Jacob Silva from San Fransisco?

"We were very good friends 10-11 years ago. We loved dancing, often all night. He was a very good at salsa. We took lessons together too. He also took me to his workplace at the UN, where he was working as a P5. I liked him, but I had a boyfriend back then, and when I got pregnant me and him started to drift apart. I miss him though..

It's been more than 10 years Ethan! Get in touch!

KellyClaraMendez (at)"

Using FB could be an option! About doing a Facebook people search here.

Trying to find people by name...

Raymond writes:

Can you help me find a girl friend, her name is Lisa Tagasa. I met her while going to school in San Diego. Last talked she was in Manila. She has a degree in chemical engineering if you could help I would be very thankful. Her sister passed and she told me to fly into Phillipine national airport and she would pick me up. Thank you again, Ray

If you know Lisa, or if you happen to know a PI who could help, please contact us!

Thanks for visiting this page on how to find people by name :)

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