How To Find Lost People

Trying to find lost people? Here is what to do.

One possibility is to search the internet, Facebook and the people finder websites. I have an example of one at the bottom of this page. You can go there by clicking here.

but, if the person has only been missing for a couple of days...

you gotta go to the police and do everything you can to locate him.

Call the hospitals in your city, it is often a very effective way to find someone.

If the person has been hurt or in an accident they will bring him to the hospital.

And if the person was walking around the streets looking like he would be at risk of hurting himself, they might bring him to a mental hospital and will not contact family members if the person is over 18 - unless he or she wants to call home.

Find Lost People with the Help of the Police - The police will help if the person has been lost for enough time. All cities have their own rules. Some say two days, some say one week. And it depends on the lost ones age too.

They can find a person for example through the lost ones mobile phone. As soon as the lost one switches the phone on, they can see exactly where it is and they will rush there and make sure the person calls home.

Some more...

Find Lost People with an App

Another thing you can do if you know that the lost person has an iPhone or an iPad with them - you use the Find iPhone app.

Add the persons Apple ID and password (if you've got it) and it will locate the person. This works very well with locating teenagers, because usually the parents were with them when they registered the iPhone so they know the details.

To prevent any problems in the future, make sure you know your partner's, children's and sibling's Apple ID's and passwords!

Have a great week everyone!

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An email I got from a woman named Rosemarie:

"Hi Tonia! I am looking for a person very, very special to me, his last email to me was last August 1st and I keep worrying about him, he is engaged in construction firm of building of skyscraper...

I Really don't know what to do and where to find him.

I don't know his contact nr, I always send him emails but no response. I'm worried about him especially when I heard the news about Ebola virus... please...

His name is Richard Conrad from Ohio".

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