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How to Locate Missing People in Canada

Need a people finder Canada? This part of this site is dedicated to helping you to find people in Canada.

There are three major Canada people search websites.

All of them are listed here.

My father's big sister moved to this large country before I was born and before there were any online people locators.

She didn't plan on staying so long, but then ended up staying for 40 years!

She still lives there - it's her home now.

She has kept in contact with her mother (my grandmother) all these years.

Now that I am grown and have a child, my aunt also writes letters to us. For my son's birthday she sent a letter and an old picture of the Vancouver skyline, from the 80's.

It's thanks to her mostly that we have been able to keep in touch, despite of the distance.

So I'm happy that she has been so active in writing, sending letters and calling.

If things would have been different, I would probably be looking for a Canada people finder right now, trying to figure out where she is!

Wondering how difficult it will be to locate her, not knowing if she has gotten married or changed her name… which she has in fact done!

If you are in a situation like that right now, I understand you want a good people finder Canada.
Here are some suggestions on...

People Locators Canada

1. The 411 find people Canada website.
2. Telus People Finder Canada
3. Another people finder in Canada suggestion plus questions and answers related to locating someone.

CA is seriously huge, but it is not that densely populated. And with strict privacy laws you won't find somebody just like that totally on your own.

A trace website might be able to track down the lost individual for you, and hopefully it does.

When searching for someone, many times he will be listed in the phone book so do look for him there, won't cost you a dime.

There is also a CA social network that has become pretty popular lately.

There is a link at the top of their home page that could be useful for you. The link is called "Find Friends". You might find old friends there, who knows!

The name of this social network is

If you are looking for a birth parent or for an adopted child this resource could turn out to be useful for you:

I got this question from Leila a while ago:

Is there a free Canadian website to help find missing individuals?

The 411 site was free the last time I checked. If you are looking for a missing child or adult, go here:

Wish you all the best,

- Alberta People Finder

- Michigan People Finder

An email I got...

"I miss my old friend Carla. 5 years ago she still lived in Ottawa. I have not tried the internet yet, not until today. Let's see if I have any luck. Thanks for this website! - Leah"

I also got an email from Daniel who said that some of the search engines I mention only give the initials but not the whole name, and that can make it hard to find the person. So here is an alternative:

It is not only a people finder Canada, but it will find someone in CA.

Type in the name of your lost friend or relative and choose "World". Lots of information will come up.

But don't click on the Email headline, because that is linked to Spokeo. And you would expect them to list the person's email address, but instead you are supposed to already have the person's email and then get information that way. But if you would have the email, I assume you wouldn't be searching for your friend.. So, it's of no use.

The information under the Wikipedia headline is also often not so interesting, because most probably your friend does not have his or her own Wiki page...

In my search, the most useful link that came up was under the LinkedIn headline. My Canadian friend was at the top of that list with a picture.

The Facts part of the page was also good. It stated the company my friend is the owner of.

And under Images was a pictures where he was playing golf.

So yes, it found a lot of stuff on him, no doubt. But there were other people's profiles and pictures too on the results page, so it does really help if you know how he or she looks like.

What do you think? Can you recommend some people finder Canada that you've used?

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