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What To Do When People Searches Do Not Work

I hear from many of you saying that you just can't get a hold of that one special lost person you are searching for. Even after looking through all the sites online.

I would say that you basically can track down some personal details on anyone from CA on the internet on the locators available.

This way, you may be able to figure out where that somebody is "hiding".

 I know it's hard guys, and in the end if you really want to get a hold of someone you might just have to hire someone to do it for you. It's the only way sometimes.

Something to try, although this is not for everyone: the legal information institute can be a possible place to search, if you think the person has ever been involved in a crime.

The details will be found in their database:

Antoher crazy suggestion for you: there is one big CA dating site that is very popular and I mention it here.

Lots of Canadians on there, but I don't know if you can use it somehow, but maybe you could if you are really creative :)

The find people in Canada quest continues :)

When you try to find Canadian people, you can use 411. On their website you can either find a person or a business.

How to look for people in Canada on 411:

It should be no problem to use that site to locate someone.

You can search in both English or in French, so that is helpful for some of us.

This is a people finder specifically for this country up north :)

So you will get more accurate results using this one than any other one.

It only searches those living in CA or companies based in this country.

Find People Canada - Canada 411 Reverse Lookup Service

That one also has a reverse address lookup Canada.

411 lets you figure out most things you need to get to know about your old friends, employees or neighbors.

Do you have a hard time when tying to find people Canada on that search engine?

If your someone is not on Canada 411, you could instead try a free service I have come up with, just to help you find a person, here.

This is Adam's find people Canada story:

Almost all our lives my sister Angela and I have been cared for by a lovely foster family that is very important to us still today.

I anyway wanted to track down our biological mother last winter.

We had regular contact when I was little, but things quickly went downhill for her at one point. We did not hear from her at all as teenagers or later on.

I have now found her. She is not that young anymore and often tired, but every time we see her it is as if she is just a bit more energetic than the last time.

I have my own business which is doing well, so I've been able to help her financially.

I'm also working on moving her from Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montreal where we found her, to Laval where I live. Rebecca and her children also don't live far from Laval, so that way mom can be close to all of us.

Lorraine Tellier from Langley BC: I am seeking to find my nephew, Michael Frank Walker.

Is someone you know missing?

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Rosario from Dallas, TX is trying to find half-brother Jose. Any tips or ideas how to find him?

I'm trying to find my half brother. Have not seen him in 17 years. Last known location was Toronto. He should be 41.
I know is date of birth and SIN. His name is Jose Eduardo Rivera Gomez. Although I believe he doesn't use all names.
Please help.