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Tips on How to Find A Person in America

Need a people finder for the USA? Have you lost track of an old friend? The United States of America has a population of well over 300,000,000 citizens.

So if you struggle to find someone in America, it is totally understandable!

One thing you can do when trying to locate somebody who has moved is to send a registered piece of mail to that person at the old address.

Request forwarding with address correction.

You can also require that the one you are sending the letter to must sign when receiving the letter.

Did you know that most of the popular trace websites out there are actually from the USA?

With North American databases, archives and records behind them.

So, another good place to look is on the internet.

It may shock you to realize how many footprints all of us leave when we are online.

So if your lost relatives, long lost father, mother or your old buddies are on the internet on a regular basis, locating them could be pretty effortless.

There should be no problem finding a US locator website online.

But if the one you are considering is a quality engine with an honest company behind it or not is another question.It's always best to investigate a bit first.

If you aren't sure about one particular search engine or website, you can just search our site.

But yes, a people search USA could for sure be of great assistance when trying to find a person.

Need recommendations?

Well, one people finder USA that I think you should try out is the one I review here. Click on that link to see my review. With them you can do pretty much everything related to finding an individual.

When you have used their service, I would be interested to find out how it went. Was it easy to use? Did you finally find your loved one? So make sure you come back here and use the contact page to get in touch with me when you have tried it out.

By the way, I write about another good American people search engine on  this page.

I used a friend lookup website a while ago but couldn't find who I was looking for. But that of course happens from time to time. It was not one of the websites I mention on this site.

My friend also used one of the US and Texas people finders to search for himself, just to check if he was on there. And yes he was. But the place listed as his home was an address from his college years.

So if that happens to you, then maybe...

Court Records May Help You Find Someone

You can for example order divorce court records from your state government. Other helpful records can also be ordered, like for example adoption records.

Lori asked me if there is a North Carolina people search online. I told her that she should try the US people search I recommend above.

By the way, today I saw something in the newspaper that caught my eye.

I read that a man from the US is now in Finland, trying to find a Finnish woman he met 13 years ago on vacation.

The problem is that the man does not know so much about her anymore. He does not even have her surname. And he only knows her approximate age.

I think it was a very good thing that this man got a pretty well known newspaper to write about his story!

There were pictures from their vacation and a big picture of him. The headline was "Where are you"?

He should have a good chance of finding her now.

Here is a nice surprise for a man who was not sure if his dad survived a natural disaster that happened a few years ago, you might still remember it...

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I got this from Nancy, living in the United States:

"Trying to locate a Ronald E. Gometz in Costa Rica. He is about 85. His address is House Waterfront Road, Playacacao Golsito Costa Rica, Central America 08201. If you can find this person please let me know. I have his phone number as well but no one ever answers and I am worried."

Nancy, I can totally understand that you are worried. What I can normally help with is finding contact details of people (by for example suggesting they use my favorite people finder USA), but if you already have them and still can't reach him it's hard for me to do much..

But there is one private investigator I know that might have some useful ideas. He takes care of the Central/South American region. You can get his contact information here.

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