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Lost touch with someone in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin? Or in some other city in this state? Your old friends? Your teacher? Neighbor? Brother?

Or do you urgently need to contact someone, like your old tenant?

There is always a possibility that you will find these people again if you use some good websites for finding people on the internet.

There are quite a few of them available.

I have also talked about most of them on this site. But are there any Texas people finders?

Here is how Isabel did it:

I was nanny to a sweet little three year old called Amber when I was a student in Fort Worth, TX.

I spent so many hours with that little girl every day.

She loved me so much. We would go and play in the park and at home we would play some games and then she would make me watch TV with her for hours.

I so wonder how Amber is doing today.

She had two mothers. One mom was a little more active and more at home than the other, her name was Janet. Both were fitness instructors and they lived close to TCU, but I cant really recall the street name. They were also talking about moving.

It would be awesome to hear from Amber and see some pictures. For a long time I did not remember Janet's or Amber's surname, but just recently I did!

After that I've tried to find her mom online, I tried Facebook, and then I froze... cuz there she was! I have sent her a friend request now, let's see what happens!

By the way, here I write about detective agencies in TX that can help you.

About Texas People Finders

There are not many Texas people searches online, but you can try the Veromi people search. Or this one I talk about here, it's great.

Texas People Finders

Here is another...

A search site called PeopleFinders helped one woman get a hold of her aunt!

Here is what happened:

She had moved across the border because of a guy and stayed there for half a year, but says she never had time to let us know about that and also not about the fact that she came back home again a few months ago. So we had no clue and were searching all over.

Although my mom and my aunt have never been close and there is a huge age gap between them, we were of course still really worried.

Now she is back and lives in Laredo close to where we live. I guess it was because she was back in the US that the search engine could find her and her new address when I ran the search on her.

And a video for you...

In the next video you get to see when they meet!

A Lost Friend

Please help Bastian Moore find Leone:

I had a good friend when I went to school in Texas, called Leone Cross (I hope I'm spelling her fist name correctly).

Her family was originally from Canada but she was born and raised in Houston. Her birth year should be the same as mine, 1979. She had curly hair. Tall and slim.

She also had a small tattoo on her ankle, a dragon.

Her mother owned a bakery, but I've been there and it's gone now.

Leone loved singing and we used to sing karaoke together a lot. Sometimes we did some sports too, running and biking. We also took a trip all the way to to Barcelona once.

Just before she moved to El Paso, we spent a few days in Galveston. She liked it a lot and said she would be going there every year.

Last time we talked was about 3 years ago and at that time she was living in El Paso with her boyfriend Rafe.

I have tried to call her recently but the nr I have is old.. I can't seem to find any Texas people finders. Can I use just any American people search? I saw a few of your recommendations.


Yes Bastian, a good people finder USA should find her! If she has married Rafe and you don't know his surname, she will be harder to find.

If you know the woman he is talking about, contact me and I will let him know.

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