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You can often do a USA people search on your own, because there is so much stuff on people on the internet these days and especially on people from the United States.

It is good to know that you can find almost anything on anyone, as long as you know where to look.

On this page I help you with choosing a place to start your search.

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After Leanne's story below (about how she found out that she was adopted and then found her mom), there is a short review of a very good website, the same American people search engine that Leanne used when she was looking for her mother.

How to find people in America? Read this true story and find out...

"I got to know that I was adopted when I was in high school. We were learning about genetics in science class and it was each students homework to find out information about the blood type of their parents.

The following day, everyone did a simple blood test to determine their own blood type. Then we were required to fill out a punnett square that would prove that we were genetically linked to our parents.

I was a straight 'A' student in science class, so when my punnett square told me I wasn't related to my parents, I was thinking that I must have somehow done it wrong. So I decided to stay after class and ask the teacher to re-explain it.

When I asked my teacher about it, she nervously asked if I was adopted!

That night at home, my parents confirmed it...

At first I had no interest in finding my birth parents, but as time went by and I grew older, I became more curious.

But mostly I was concerned about any health issues I might have inherited from them. I already had migraines, which are usually genetic, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't at risk for anything else.

I thought I'd have to hire a private investigator to find my birth parents, but it was actually much simpler because I was able to get my original birth certificate which had my birth mother's name on it.

I then used a perfect people finder I found, to get more info on her.

A very good a find people in the USA website.

When I did a search on her name plus the state I was born in, there were only three who shared my birth mom's name. That made things much easier than I had expected.

I was able to track down old addresses and only one address was near the hospital I was born at. That address also had a middle initial, which aided my search even further.

Once I had the middle initial, I was able to track down a current address.

I found that my birth mom possibly was living a few states away, and once I had that, I was able to find the woman I thought might be her, on Facebook...

After emailing her, I found out that she was indeed my mother!

And my dad?

Well, my birth mom said that he had died in a car accident a few weeks before I was born. She gave me his name and I was able to find a copy of his obituary (yes, you can find those online also!), which confirmed this.

I hope that me writing all of this down will help someone else who needs to find someone!


Thank you so much for sharing this!

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