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Tips To Finding Someone With No Last Name

Doing a people search by name only - where you only know the first name of your lost friend and not much else, can be very challenging.

Searching for someone is as easy as 1-2-3 when you have all relevant data.

But if you don't, it's a whole different story.

You know the given name of the friend you are trying to locate, right?

But you also need to know something else about him or her, otherwise it will be pretty difficult.

The best tool is your memory!

However brief the encounter, we usually reveal something besides what we are called.

Try to recall what you guys talked about.

Did this person say something about where she lives, what she does, if she has relocated from somewhere, a favorite location or restaurant?

If you know about a place she often visits, you could go to that place and leave a note for her.

Maybe give it to the shop owner or person working in the store or restaurant if you can describe the person well, otherwise just hang the not somewhere where it's easy to see it.

Or did she talk about something she is about to do or somewhere she is about to visit, an organizations she has a membership to or is active in... or other facts?

Whatever other information made the person interesting enough to remember are the tidbits of information that will finally lead you to her (or him).

Ask those who were with you when you met this person.
Maybe they had a chance to talk to your friend for a while too?

More ideas on how to find people by first name:

- If you know where she works, find the phone number of that company.
The receptionist will often just transfer you. There could also be an automated system that will offer you a company directory.

- Be creative. If you know what school your friend graduated from, try to find some yearbooks from around the year she might have graduated and look through them!

- Use a reverse phone lookup utility, if you have a phone number or an old number.

Go to the our Reverse Phone Detective, more about that service on this page.

Talking about how to find people by first name, I cam to think of an old friend of mine called Vivien.

We went to school together in NYC, but she was from Italy. I know she moved back to Rome once we were done with our studies.

A while back I was thinking about traveling to Rome! Then I remembered Vivien. I was thinking a little about how I could find her without knowing too much about her anymore.

It would for sure be nice to reunite and become friends again.
But I had no clue what her last name was.

This is a classic "find people by first name" situation. Here a search engine would not be of much help...

Well, how would I go about finding Vivien?

The first thing I would have to do is call the school we both went to.
If they could not help me, I would have to try to remember some of the teachers we had and maybe they could help me further.

I know I have the email address of one of the teachers somewhere.

I could also try to see if I would have any details of anyone else from the same class and ask them to help me out.

The woman in this video has not seen her son for a long time. But here she gets to meet him again!

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