Texas People Finder Investigation Services

Texas people finder investigation services - when people finders aren't getting you anywhere, a Texas detective agency will come to the rescue.

It does happen quite often that you get stuck in your search. Like this woman who told me she gets lots of names from the website she tried, but noone seems to be the right person. She also said she was unable to locate any birth or death record or any other record of the lost one. Like he would be a ghost. When this happens you might need external help.

Below you will find examples of a Texas investigator and a Michigan people finder investigation service.

But first a message from Natalie. She tells me why she needed to use a Texas people finder investigation service some time ago. She gave me permission to post it here:

I met my ex-boyfriend in Dallas many years ago. When our son was little I had to move, because I started my studies at the University of Houston. Our son came with me.

My ex said he was also going to move to Houston as soon as possible.

That never happened but he often came to visit, and everything was good so far.

It was only when I asked him if he could help me pay the nanny every month that he stated avoiding my calls. Some time went by and I heard nothing from him.

My cousin who happens to be the neighbor of my ex said it looked as if he had moved, or at least he was never there anymore.

A Texas detective agency finally helped me find him.

They also discovered that he was married now!

To someone I had never heard anything about...

We had never officially broken up, so it felt pretty bad to hear this.

But it was also very good to know of course.

I left this whole thing for some time, thought to myself that he'll probably contact us again sometime, and I was right.

A few months later he sent us some messages saying how much he missed us.

I didn't reply.

When I graduated I decided to go back to Dallas to spend some time with my relatives during the holidays.

My ex had somehow found out that we were there again and came ringing on the door to my cousins house where we were staying.

He said he needed to talk to me privately.

We went to another room and he said: "There is something in my life right now that I have to solve, but when it's fixed I would like us all to be a family again".

He also said he is sorry about things being the way they are.

I just looked at him and said: "Well, it wasn't me who went and got married."

You should have seen his face! Ha! His jaw dropped! It was hilarious :)

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Texas People Finder Investigation Services

An example of a Texas investigation firm: affordablepi.com

And here is one in Michigan: legendaryinvestigations.com

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