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Trying to find someone in Mexico is not as hard as you may think.  Our Mexico people finder recommendations may be the help you need.

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Mexico City, Monterrey, Ecatepec de Morelos, Guadalajara, Puebla, Zapopan, Tijuana...

When looking for someone in this country or in any other Latin American country, the best would be to travel down there.

Doing a search from the US or any other place can turn out to be really hard.

mexico people finder

There are not really any websites to find people only for Mexico.

But of course people in this Latin country use Facebook like everyone else on this planet. So do try to search there first.

Of course there is the Mexican version of Yahoo ( but I am not sure if it will be of much help at this point.

I am sure you have tried simple searches like that already.

If you are in the US, a good idea would be to think of anyone who lives in the US who is related to him or anyone who used to hang out with him, and then do a US search on that person instead!

When you find that person, she might know where the missing one is at the moment, and if not at least she will know some information that you are not aware of.

Maybe she has also been looking for this guy and now you can help each other!

You could also just try to contact others with the same surname as the lost one, but sometimes that is just too much of a project.

There are probably phone book hundreds with that same family name.

These Mexico people finder tips may help...

First I recommend this book for anyone searching for a lost person in Mexico. How to Locate Anyone Anywhere: Without Leaving Home

Telemex is the largest Mexican phone company. If the person has a mobile phone, chances are that they bought their sim card is from this operator, because it is a really huge company.

If you have the same operator, this site could be useful:

There you can search for phone numbers of people who have that same operator. But remember, you have to have a phone number by them in order to do a search.


Go through your old calendars, files, diaries… places where you might have some information you could use. Also search your email inbox and sent folder for any communication between you two.

Try to find out more about the lost one. There is bound to be someone out there who knows where he has disappeared to!

By the way, contacting an investigator could work. Here is the phone number to PI Mike who lives and works in Mexico: +52 415 152 7757

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Patricia says:

My cousin's family and mine were very close when me and little sis were kids. But unfortunately when I left to the US fifteen years ago, I forgot all about Mexico for a long time. Now I have three children and they are having so much fun with their cousins that I started thinking about mine. Maria, Elizabeth and Angie. Long time no seen...

Nine years ago my sis joined me here in the states. We have started a search for our cousins now, not using a Mexico people finder but an investigator that is a close friend of my husband. We have some clues and think that we could be very close to finding them. Wish us luck!

Sid Ahmed Zaki from Doha Qatar wants to find a friend.

Does anyone knows someone named David Reyes?

He used to live in the US and he went to Mexico.

Here you can read the advice and help I gave to a mother who needs to locate someone very important who has moved to Méjico :)