North Carolina People Search

North Carolina People Search

Are you about to do a North Carolina people search? If you want to find people in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro and all other cities and towns, here is what you can do:

1. Brainstorm

  • Where in NC was the lost one when you guys saw each other the last time? Would the old landlord maybe be able to help you? Or the place where he worked at?
  • Can you get family records from somewhere?
  • Did the person have any kids? Does the old teacher know where the family moved to?

2. Do a North Carolina people search at…

There you can locate someone in NC, whether they live in Charlotte, Raleigh or any of the smaller cities.

Last week Monica from NC contacted me and asked for a Jackson county people finder. The reason was that her former husband should be residing around there. She said there is still something important she needs to discuss with him and right now she has no way of contacting him. Another person, Jason Devon asked if I can recommend a Virginia people search.

Well, I can tell both of you that the site above is a people lookup for any US state, so go ahead and use that one.

Find People in North Carolina

Linda Becker is searching for Joshua Nagel

"Have you heard of Joshua Nagel? A 30 something year old, quite short with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He grew up in Winston-Salem and then moved to Raleigh when he was 17. Later he  started studying economics or business (if I remember correct) at the University of North Carolina.

His best friend was (and maybe still is?) Ken Lynch from Greensboro. Ken was also a student at the same university.

Joshua worked as a stock broker after graduation. His mother's name is Judy Nagel and she should be in her late 60s.

Here is my email for anyone who could help: itsmelindabe2013 (at) gmail (dot) com"

Tammy Garza wants to find Ryan William Carr.

"I used to work in Durham. Ryan was a very special friend to me back then, he helped me through some hard times. He is someone I would really love to meet with again.

It would also be great to know if his dreams came true!

I just got a job offer from the college I used to work for when I was in NC, and even though I won't be taking the job this time, it made me think of those good old times. And of course about the friends I had when I was there. Please contact Tonia (the owner of this site) if you know Ryan!"

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"I met Carlos Pena over a year ago in a discussion forum. At the moment he lives in Cary. We have only been chatting, we have never talked for real. I have lots of pictures of him. What worried me a little is that he told me that one time he got into a fight with some teenagers and the parent of one boy made charges on him. That story made me curious to know more about his history and his past. I wonder if there have been more incidents like that that in his life."

What about doing a background check on Carlos? Could be worth it!

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