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Looking For Someone in the Armed Forces?

Are there any military people finders out there? Yes, there are. And becoming a member at a good military people search engine is the place to start your search.

This is the best way to find someone in the military.

And it will also help you stay connected with the military community, if that is something you would like to do.

We've spent lots of time vetting the many location services out there.

With our "boots on the ground" approach, we've selected the best available.

The first step is to know, or find out, which arm of the service this person hails from.

Read on.

Find People in the Army

There is a good place on the net where you can find those who have served in the army a long time ago. 

But what can you do if you are looking for someone who is in the army right now, currently serving?

You can contact the United States Army and they'll get back to you with what they know. The same goes for the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

For more information on this, see their website:

Find People by Army ID

It is very good if you have the army ID number of the person you are trying to locate. Use the service above and add the Army ID of the person in your letter.

I asked PI Tom Collins about how to find people in the army.

How can we find someone in the army?
"You need a SSN, date of birth and military ID number. If it is a ranking military official, you may find change of command or articles written about that person".

Would you like to read about how after a fathers death, the son was looking for people who served with his father? The good news is he found some too!

Below you can read about how Noah found people who served years ago.

Noah says:

My dad recently passed away. He had been pretty quiet about his past and I had never asked that much. But after his death I was interested to understand more about who he really was and what he actually had done in war.

The military people finder site I mostly used was:

Some of the other ones I stumbled on that might help someone else were:

The very first man I contacted had actually known my father! He served right next to him for a year. We made plans to contact each other.

He was able to give me information about my father and tell me some stories. I learned so much that I would have never known.

A free military people search? I'm not sure there is one that's totally free and works like a search engine, but... it doesn't have to cost anything to look for your old buddies. For example the first website Noah mentions is free.

You could of course also try a regular locator, like one of these three.

I just love this...

Military People Finder - The website to find people in the army is called...

Click on Buddy Finder at the top right.

A veteran forum might be good to use too. They are almost always free and there you can ask around. Here is an example:

An emotional military reunion...

"My friend has been in the military for years. I don't at all know where he is at the moment. But thank you for the advice you have given here, I'll try my best with the information I have. Oliver C."

You are welcome, Oliver! If I can help in any way, let me know! - Admin

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