Best People Search Engines

The best people search engines? On this page you find a small exclusive list of the best and coolest people finders available. Plus reasons why you need to be careful.

There is one very efficient finder I know about, but it is unfortunately only available to those that work as investigators or as lawyers. But there are also very good ones available for you and me, so don't worry. Scroll down to see three of the best ones.

In a few other articles I have been saying that you have to be careful when choosing a people locator. Why?


  • Some people search engines have multiple websites that go under different brands or names, and that doesn't feel fair.. in the customer's point of view. Because you might be thinking you should try all of them, that they have different databases and can give you different information. But you will only end up paying for the same info. Plus, if they go under different names it is also harder to find accurate reviews about them.
  • Many times you use one site, but you are then redirected to another...
  • Some websites offer a trial period of a few days for very little money so you sign up. But then you find out that it's not at all easy to cancel the service. And if you don't cancel in time, you will be billed a larger amount, monthly...
  • Some friends have also told me that asking for refunds hasn't been the easiest...

To make things easier for you, I have listed some of the best people finder search engine sites below. Please go through the list and see what you think.

The sites I list here all have pretty good customer service, which is important at times and they are not re-brands of the same product like some other ones might be - so that's good to know.

Best People Search Engines - starting with number three:

3. My third choice would be:


2. The second is one

I'm sure you have heard about it:

US Search

1. And the first and best one is...

I really like the first one. Some friends of mine were very successful in thier search for their loved ones when using that website.

Best People Search Engines

On the screen shot you can see all three best people search engines.

Click to see much better!

Private investigator Collins says this about one of the commonly used people search engines

(not found on the list above):

"I have not found my own information on it to be incorrect in major categories

- however there were portions not accurate.

I am also aware of at least one person being upset over the information".

I like the saying above.

Do you?

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There are many more sites out there than just these three best people search engines.

It is always good to investigate the people finder you are about to use, by searching for it on websites where consumers can report problems or send in complaints.

By the way, if you are interested in doing reverse searches, here is an article I have written on the program Phone Detective.

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Isaiah Morris is a retired physiologist. He has been gone for several weeks.

So, if you think you know this man or recognize his name, please let us know.

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