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Michigan people finder info for you - On this page you can read about what happened to George, a frequent visitor to this website.

About how he found his mother who is from MI. He could not find her on any of the USA search engines at first - how did he solve that problem?

Something to think about is that MI borders Canada, so apart from checking on any US or Michigan people search, also check on a Canadian people locator.

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The reason your peeps might seem hard to find could be because they have moved across the border.

Also, here you can find people who went to this well known college:

Western M. University


In the text below, George mentions a well known American people search that can be used when seeking someone who lives in MI. It acts like a Michigan people finder. There is also be an example of a good Canadian site, should you be needing one.

"My father had custody of me after the divorce and I did not hear much from my mother during my childhood. I got a few cards from her when I was very small, and I think she called a few times too, but most of the time my dad would only talk to her.

The last time I got a postcard from her was on my tenth birthday. I guess after that it was hard to keep track of where we were living, because my dad liked to move quite a lot.

I have had a busy life with school, friends, girlfriend, part time jobs and playing in a band, but I finished my degree recently and started working as a teacher.

And now that my life is pretty organized I have more time and I stated thinking about everything.

I felt I wanted to reconnect with the mother I newer really had a chance to get to know.

For some reason I thought she would still be living in Detroit where we lived the first years of my life.

Where did I search?

I looked on People Finders com.

It has a good reputation and is a Michigan people finder too because it finds people in the whole country.

But all information there was under her name was the old address we had all been living at when I was a baby.

Same thing on all other websites I tried.

I knew that she wasn't living in that house anymore...

I started to worry that something might have happened to her..

But then a friend of mine suggested that I try a people finder in Canada, and there she was (if you want you can click on the link to see which site I used).

When I then talked to her she told me that she had stayed in Detroit for a few years after the break up, but then she had moved to Windsor, CA. And some time after that to Toronto. There she had now been living for the past 15 years or so.

When I talked to her she said she had stayed in Detroit for a few years, but then she had moved to Windsor, CA. And then to Toronto where she has now been for the past 12 years.

She also said that the relationship between her and dad had been very bad for all of us, she was young and not as strong mentally or financially as he was, so that's why he got custody.

She lost track of us at some point as I suspected, and she said she knew I would find her finally as I did.

What I still want to do is locate a couple of relatives from mom's side. An older brother she doesn't know anything about except that he had a son in the year 1997. So now I am starting a search on them too!

Michigan People Finder Help

Question: As a child I lived in Grand Rapids and had so many good friends there. Now I would like to track some of them down. How can I do that? - Gabrielle

Answer: Why not use the locator mentioned in George's story as your Michigan people finder.


Question: In 1912 William Dictus, born in Meer-, Belgium on 25.9.1889 sailed to Hart, Michigan, to live with his cousin Rombout Cornelis (Corneille). Can this last one be a family member from Florimond Rombout, farmer, leaving Belgium in May 1901 to Norway, MI. We know that Dictus moved to Minnesota and later to Wisconsin but nothing about his arrival in Hart. Yvonne, e-mail: vonni_vd (at) hotmail (dot) com

Answer: Yvonne, family research is always very interesting. It is a bit difficult though for me to help you with this one, but since Hart is a very small town, I am pretty sure someone from there could help you further. Also, this place could be useful: www.migenweb.net/migensoc.htm

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