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Better Location Tips For Finding Lost Person

How to search people by name? Well, this is the most common way to do a search on an individual online.

Most of us look for old friends who we already know their names.

And the good thing is that it is also the most effective way of finding a lost friend - to know his full name.

Did you lose touch with a sibling, cousin or friend?

Or did you write emails to someone who suddenly stopped writing?

Maybe someone you met on a dating website?

It sure happened to me many times. Including one person who gave me his full name but I still couldn't find him in the Skype directory like he suggested and he also couldn't find me.

How strange. So we then lost touch. Before ever getting to know each other that well. What a shame, seemed like such a nice man.

What you can do when you want to search people by name:

You can always try to find them on the website I talk to about here.In my case it is not that easy because the person I want to find lives in Chile. But your case might not be that complicated!

Often when we are looking for someone, it is not only one people finder site that helps us the most, but a combination of sites.Did you know that?

So you might want to try a few finders and then some social networking sites too.

That is what I do when I help visitors that come to this site, to look for lost loved ones.

A Good People Finder:

The website "Peoplesmart" can be worth checking out. It has good customer service and behind it is also a company with good values. The website will help you track down people – you can find a person by name there. But there are also very good reverse search options.

There you can search using a free trial, so that option would be good to use.
You can do a regular search, a reverse name search, a background check and a lot more of course.

But one thing I realized is that this site is for the U.S.A. only. I tried to search for someone from over here in Europe and it didn't let me.

My friend Amanda from Brooklyn, who went to the same college as me for a year in Italy, told me that she could locate her best friend from kindergarten because of That is cool. They meet regularly now after they found out that they have similar hobbies. For example they both love to play chess (!), so now they often meet to play together. And cooking too, so there are lots of nice dinners to look forward to.

Others who have been successful with this site:

Harold Hayes, Oregon, found his old work colleague. They had not seen each other for 23 years! He was able to locate her because he knew her old address. If he would not have had the old address, it would have been harder for him to know which Julia Lee was her. He knew when she was born also, so that helped too.

Mrs. Vargas in Louisiana also tracked down her old tenant who just left one day. He owed her a few month's rent. She has not gotten the rent back yet, but at least she has talked to him now and she said it feels good to at least understand what happened.

Someone else who had luck with the search people by name website I have talked about here is Phyllis who managed to locate the half sister she had never met before!

Amazing re-connections :)

This is pretty funny:

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