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Is there a Massachusetts people finder?

Grace wrote:

"I need a Massachusetts people search or some site that can find my step brother. He and his girlfriend should be living there. They have a little son that I haven't seen in years. Well, he might not be so little anymore, I guess. I know that his girlfriend's family is from Springfield, MA.
What site would be best for me to turn to?"

My answer:

Thanks for your question! I can imagine that you want to see your nephew again.

Great that you know where the family of his girlfriend is from. If you have a hard time finding him, you can search for them instead. They probably know where he is.

But of course you should first just try to search for your step brother before you start searching for anyone else. Peoplesmart should be able to find him for you.

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Reconnecting With High School Friends

To everyone out there trying to find a person, below is a story by a woman who lost touch with her best friends in high school and then found them again. How? Read the story and find out!

- When I was in high school and lived in Boston, I had two best friends who were twin sisters.

I moved after our freshman year, but we stayed vwry close until college. At that point, our lives drifted apart, but I still remembered the girls who literally meant everything to me when I was a teenager.

I have had many friends over my lifespan, but never have I had another friend quite like either of them.

Once the internet became more popular, I realized that it could help me find them. Maybe I didn't have to be apart from my long lost friends anymore!

I started to look for them online. I knew they were both likely married and would have different last names so it could be a bit tricky but I was ready to search until I found them.

I was thinking of places online where I could find people by name and of course came to think of...

If FB would not have had any info on them I would have tried to find a Massachusetts people finder, but there was no need for that! You can probably guess why!

I was lucky that the twins had a unique maiden name and that they both had FB accounts that listed their maiden and married names!

I was able to learn that one has married a Navy man and has a 7 year old child, the other has married, divorced and remarried. We have rekindled our connection and it's all thanks to modern technology.

A massachusetts people finder or why not FB?

About how to find people on Facebook

Aunt and niece found each other because of FB, here:

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An email I got that caught my attention:

"Looking for my old classmates from Brockton High School! If you graduated in 1996, I want to hear from you!"

It was signed: Brian (Bear)

Contact this website if this applies to you.

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