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How to Find People on Yahoo

Looking for info on the Yahoo People Finder: This locator once had a special people search engine, but now it's gone.

The first page is still there, but when you use it, it redirects you to the regular website.

And gives you the exact same results as it would give you if you would be using the normal search function.

So, what earlier was a "Yahoo find people system", now is the same as the regular Yahoo engine.

There are other finders that will only find individuals for you, like the one I mention below.

If you still want to try it...

you can of course do that, there is no harm in trying.

If you think the person is online a lot, then this locator might find some pictures he has posted on the net or a website where he is an active contributor.

Yahoo People Finder

I don't know why the this engine was taken down...

but Google did the same to their Google people finder.

Have you ever has an address or phone number of someone and wondered who it belongs to?

Well, at the bottom of this page you find a link to a reverse people search.

Those can come in handy at times!

What about the international Yahoo people finder?

Now you might be wondering if there is still a Yahoo International people search?

And yes I know there used to be one...

but no sweetie, like the first one, that is gone too!

Here Is An Other People Finder:

This one is really good.

When you are looking for...

addresses, numbers, family records, criminal records,

social security numbers, unlisted numbers...  you could try this professional people search engine - it's called People Finders.

Have you tried that one before?

The fees for finding pubic records, phone numbers and doing credit checks are all very low.

You can use their locator website to find any citizen of the United States.

Do you think trying that one out could be an option for you?

And here is a page about the reverse search engine I promised you.

Hope it all works out.. it's never easy when it comes to locating lost family and lost connections. 

It is possible to find someone with a search engine, be it Google, Yahoo or one specifically for people related searches.

A father (below) had built a simple website where he was writing about his lost daughter, and one day she did a simple search on her own name and found his website!

They are now happily reunited!

On another page on this site you can read about how to find a lost person's Yahoo Email Address. Go ahead and check it out! :)

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