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Trying to find someones yahoo email address? Or you have the email address, but you want to know who it is? OK, I'll tell you what to do to find out.

Finding out someones Yahoo email should not be that much harder than finding one hosted by gmail or hotmail.

And you know what will help you?

A people email search website! It can help you find a Yahoo, Gmail, AIM, Outlook, Hotmail and all other emails.

The point is not where the email account has been made. Use an up to date e mail finder and you won't be disappointed.

There are two main email finders that you could choose from. Both are designed to find emails of owners that live anywhere on this planet.

I can't say that one would be better than the other, but the second one is cheaper (costs just about $14 to do a search).

Using one of these programs is a good way to find people / relatives who live in a different country than yourself.

1. Worldwide Email Finder

2.  Reverse E-mail Lookup

Someone I know, Obinna O Baker, had a long lost girlfriend- his high school sweetheart.

He had not heard from her since he moved to Colorado.

And also could not find her phone number anymore because his old phone broke and many of his numbers were stored in that phone.

They never emailed each other, but he knew that she had an email address when they were together because she used to keep in touch with her cousins that way.

He told me he was finally able to find her email address by using the exact same program I was telling you guys about on the other Email Address lookup. I'm happy for you, Obinna!

Yesterday I got a question from Hannah Logan living in LA, California.

Hi, how do I find someones criminal record?

That is another topic, but this was my quick answer in case you too are interested:

Hannah, all you do is go to the website I talk about here and there you will find it.

More messages from all of you who visit this website:

On the topic of how to find someones yahoo email address, Lara Mendez says:

A Find Someones Yahoo Email Address Story

"My friend who I met all the way back in middle school, Michael Munoz, traveled to France with his parents when we were kids.

He liked it so much that he actually moved there many years later. We used to be really good friends so I felt sad to see him go.

We did write to each other (with Yahoo mail) for about two years but then he did not write so much anymore. I think it was because he found a girlfriend over there and quickly got engaged.

Often when I wrote him I only got very short emails back and it took him long to reply. So in the end I stopped writing. I still would not like to give up our friendship completely.

I actually got married just a little while ago and we are thinking of traveling to France next summer, so I immediately thought of Michael! But the bad thing is that I don't use that email anymore so and I don't have his contact details.

This page gave me hope, I will for sure try the email finder site as soon as I finish writing to you. I hope I find his address! Otherwise I'll just have to use a people finder website to find his parents instead. Should be no problem, and I'm sure they will know how I can contact him".

If you still have questions you can contact me or continue browsing through this website.

Hope to see you here again soon!

Here is a picture I just had to add to this page.

The people on the pic look so happy and harmonious!

Another page that could interest you, if some of your old friends have use Hotmail:

Hotmail Reverse Email Search

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