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How to do a Facebook people search? That's what we will learn here! :)

Checking FB for old friends you want to reconnect with is a great idea!

Most people, like you and me, hang out on FB every day!

So why wouldn't your friend do that?

If you think about it that way, searching for him or her there makes so much sense!

Someone asked me the other day if I have ever used the Facebook people search function.

And yes, I have! Many friends I have talked to have done it too.

It can really be a good strategy to go to FB to look for the person, most times you will find him there but not always.

It is kind of like what I talked about on the Find People by Name page, that you do have to have the spelling of the name right, and then there is always the risk that they have changed their name since you last met.

I have found a few old classmates on FB and I also found an old flame on FB once.

It was kind of a joke to look for exactly that person, and he also never responded to my friend request, but it just shows that it works.

I've also been 'poked' on FB by a lot of people who are not my friends, so that is also something you can do if you find him and he never responds to your request.

Poke him a few times and maybe he'll finally react.

A few months ago, someone called Kris M. was searching FB for his ex from the time at Maryland University and found her.

Now they are dating again and he is happy to report that both of them are doing very well and they have beautiful plans for the future.

Cool, right? So, why don't you do the same?

How to do the Facebook People Search

Just go to your account and then type your friend's name in the field where it says "search for..."

You'll find it at the very top of you profile's page.

If your are on a mobile device you need to first click on the three little lines in the left upper corner.

That will drag out the search box.

Many people finders,

like for example this one most probably,

 go through all Facebook accounts while performing a search for an individual. And accounts on many other sites on the web.

So in a way a search website like that is an all in one solution, so you don't have to go to all social networks and search, it does it for you in one single search.

If you have already looked for your buddy on Facebook without any luck, maybe instead you could go to the website of any of the people search engines I have recommended on this website?

Have a great day!

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