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On this page you find tips on how to find someone in the US by a real PI. As you will see, there are many interesting ways to find someone.

Finding an old classmate is one thing but finding someone running from the police or creditors is another.

Someone who doesn't want to be found can take steps to erase themselves, but not completely!

The good news it that in the US it is much easier to locate individuals than anywhere else on this globe!

The most common tricks Private Investigators use include:

  • Newspaper archives are good places to find articles concerning somebody when doing your people search USA. It will give you the circumstance which caused the writer to mention him or her. Maybe the article mentions a city, sports team, organization, hobby or something else that can lead you to the lost one.

Some American locators might have Canadian public records available too, but most of them focus on the US only.

No need to use state specific locators like a Texas, Iowa, Utah, Ohio or Alabama people finder. The good ones can find your family regardless of the state they live in.

A PI I've talked to said:
"I have found that by requesting a credit score for the address the person lived in provides good results."

A Famous People Search

There is for example a famous website called People Finders where you can search for and find someone.

I tell you more vital info about it here.

How to Best Go About Doing Your Own People Search USA - Offline

One idea would be to contact a magazine or newspaper and ask if they would be willing to write about you, the missing one and about everything you have done to find him or her.

Someone who did exactly this is one American man I write about on the other US info page.

Here is what detective Tom says:

In the United States, beside the usual people search engines, I will be focusing on this motto: Know as much about the lost one as possible before starting your search.

Always start with the most recent information and work back, staleness will cost you time.

Look for leads.


Relatives are usually a reliable way to get the most current details about the missing one's whereabouts. If they are willing to talk about the person.


Many times past neighbors know something, so do not ignore an old address. A neighborhood canvas will usually give you good leads.

Do not overlook the obvious. Neighbors or for example old co-workers may not be willing to give you the number but will many times call the person and have them call you.

Do a "Pretext" (Truth Stretching)

Once armed with your leads, you can do a pretext.

This is a PI's word for telling a lie to get the information desired without revealing who you are or what your purpose is.

When doing this be careful to not use someone's real name.

Also don't say you represent a real business because you may be open to civil /criminal penalties if you do not follow correct procedures and do it correctly.

Your reason to locate somebody dictates your options.

Thanks for the advice Tom!

Sometimes you can find lost people in the strangest of places... heartbreaking but beautiful:

People Search USA

Someone asked me about a good Arizona people locator and someone else for an Indiana people finder.

Choose Arizona, Indiana, NY or any other state.

Another Interesting Page:

How to find missing individuals!

There are lots of US people search websites that we don't know what to think about.

Are they legitimate?

Do they provide a real service and do they really try to help?

Have you for example heard about the Omnitrace USA people search? Or

I have no clue what to think about them. Have you ever used any of them?

Or have you used some other one you would like to say something about?

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