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Need a New York people finder? Or maybe a New Jersey people search?

I lived in NYC for a few years when I was in college. Yep, that's me on the picture! NYC and especially Manhattan, is a place where everyone moves in and out of, and professionals from all over come there to work. And of course some come there to stay, but not that many.

When I was in the big Apple, I first lived on W27th street and later in Astoria, Queens and finally up in West Harlem.

The real New Yorkers, the ones that are born and raised there, don't have a tendency to move around that much. And most of the time they even like to keep to their own neighborhood.

There is some movement between NJ and NY. Young professionals from NJ might move to NYC to be closer to their workplace.

New York People Finder

And sometimes families from New York will buy a house in NJ or Connecticut and move out there – for a more quiet lifestyle.

These things are good to keep in mind when trying to find people in New York or around there.

Finding a good search engine for finding people can for sure improve your chances of tracking down anyone you want to find.

You shouldn't underestimate the usefulness of people finder websites. They can find a lost person very quickly. You can access any one of them easily with your computer or smartphone.

It's helpful if you know where the person currently lives because that gives you a starting point. But I know most of you don't, and that's OK.

A detective I once talked to said this about trying to find people:

"Sometimes, searching for lost people can trigger unknown or unpleasant reactions by other people...

Just make sure you explain what the search means to you, what the person means to you and most important, that the search is not related to revenge or any unlawful purposes. And you may have to deal with non-responsive individuals. You just have to understand this and move on."

The People Lookup

Here is a people finder USA website that is both a New York people finder and a New Jersey one. There you can also locate someone who lives in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware etc.

NY, CT, PA, MA, New Jersey People Finder

You always get the age of the sought after person and possibly a city. If you think the age sounds about right, click on the name. You will be asked to pay a few dollars to get the information you need.

The name of this site is

Go from the New York People Finder page to the Arizona Locator Page if you are interested in looking for someone there too, otherwise you can go to the Find People in US Page for more info.

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