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Some of you have written to me and asked this question: How can I find people in Arizona?

Below is a message I got from Daniel who really wants to find his older sister. The advice I give him on this page can be used to find someone in any city or town in AZ... Phoenix, Tuscon, Glendale, Peoria, Yuma...

"Please, how can I find someone in AZ who is gone and has turned away from the family?

My older sister moved out of our family home right after she turned 18, and that's when she began to slowly dissapear out of our lives...

She went to live with her high school friends in an apartment building in our hometown, Chandler, AZ. At first, she'd come by the house now and then and even stay for dinner sometimes, but we saw less and less of her as time went on.

I don't know where she is now but I really want to. Do I need to use an Arizona people finder? I don't know where to turn to.

At one point she stopped coming over to our house altogether. There was no answer when we'd try to call her on the phone, and no one seemed to be around when we'd go over to her apartment.

Arizona People Finder

One day when we stopped by her place, new people had moved in. They had no idea of where any of the previous tenants had gone. Until this day we have not seen her or heard from her.

My sister's friends all claim to have no knowledge of where she is, and law enforcement said they had no reason to suspect foul play. So no help from there either.

She just disappeared, and I would like to be able to locate her somehow. How can I track her down? Maybe with an Arizona people finder?


Here is my answer:

"Daniel, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened.. It's too bad some just don't understand the value of having a family and keeping in contact with them.

But at some point they will usually realize the mistake they have made. So sooner or later your sister will be contacting you, believe me.

You and your parents have already asked your sister's old friends, but are you sure there is not someone still left to ask?

And also, I suspect some of them do know where she went but have been told not to say anything.

Ask again! Say that it's really urgent. Maybe they can at least mention some other friends she used to spend time with that you don't know about. Then you can ask them too.

You could of course also try to locate your sister with a US or Arizona people locator. On the next page there is one example (find the link lower down this page or click here if you don't find it).

It can search arrest records, driving records and much more.

Also try to remember what she was interested in and then try to figure out where her interests could have led her.

And what is the nearest big city around there? It could be worth looking there too.

Thanks for writing!
Yours, Tonia"

It's kind of sad, but very often in these sort of situations there is some kind of addiction problem going on.

Addicts will always put the addiction first no matter what, and they very often lose touch with family members and close friends.

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This is cool, one man found his family by doing a FB people search:

Annie is looking for Jacob Soto from Tucson.

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