How To Find Lost Relatives

Tips When Searching For Family Members

Want to know the easiest way on how to find lost relatives? When trying to find lost family, think of some other relatives that could help you with some information.

Did the missing one for example have any siblings?

Next, check if you have any luck online.

Google your relative, maybe you find something interesting?

There could come up some classifieds (like for example Craigslist ads) where this person is looking for something, wants to buy something or needs help with something.

Or a profile on some website, like LinkedIn or Facebook.

PI Julian Tanase says:
"Most of the time people that are searching for their long lost relatives are in dire need to have a closure with their past, or to deal with some past experiences that marked them".

How to Find Lost Relatives / How To Find People, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Family, Friends...

You can also try one of the people finders.

It's great if you can find your missing relatives and meet with them again.

If you ever need a genealogy software, here is a very nice one:

A visitor to this website, Trevor Jackson, says:

"Do you know Thomas Dorian Alden? Born in the UK and should be in his late thirties.

His mother is from the US and her name is Grace Alden. Her maiden name was Jackson.

Tom's cousins are Trevor and Dustin Jackson.

Please contact the webmaster of this site if you know him."

Some families are closer than others. I talked to a friend yesterday and I asked him why he doesn't ever talk about his family, and he said he doesn't have so much to do with them.

His mother moved to Canada already when he was little. His father also moved to another country. He grew up with his grandmother who passed away some years ago.

He said he talks with his dad and sometimes with his mother on the phone once in a while, but not that often.

How To Find Lost Relatives

His step sister was adopted and his father told him about a week ago that she has a son, and he just had his first birthday.

This was new info for my friend and he said he feels a bit hurt that she never tells him anything, never told him about the child. Not even when they talked when she was pregnant. His other step sister is autistic.

That is sometimes what happens in life... Families become scattered around the world and no one really keeps in touch very frequently.

And sometimes families like that loose touch completley. Until someone wants to reconnect. And that is when an article like this How to Find Lost Relatives article comes in handy :)

But when it's not like that it's great. All my family members also live in different countries. Except me, my son and my little sister who live in the same country, city and even in the same household :)

We make sure we meet with everyone else in the family at least twice a year.

Family reunions are fun, I have always liked them. You get to talk about what's going on in your life and they tell you about what's happening in theirs.

You also get to meet new additions to the family, small nephews and nieces and maybe a distant cousin's new baby :) Soon the hours have flown by and its time to say goodbye and of course you plan to soon meet again!

Here is a new page, by the way. With some new information for you: Find Lost People

When older siblings break the contact with their parents, younger siblings often suffer from the consequences...

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"Lost second cousin! Felipe Valdez, are you out there?" - Tamara Garcia.

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