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How to Search for People is a common question I get because I own this website. From what I have understood so far, by talking to pofessionals, is that it really depends on who you are looking for. Some searches are easy and can be done on the internet.

But searching for individuals who have been gone for many years can be challenging. You have forgotten so much about them already and they might have changed their name by now too. Gotten married... who knows.

I know some of you have already been searching for many years. I for example know a family who has been looking for their 20 something son a long time now. It's heartbreaking to think about how it must feel not to know where someone is or how he is doing...

When you do a people finder search, get your friends and family to do it with you! If all of you search together, you will get results faster.

Finding Lost Family Members

When it comes to family members that we basically have never have had any contact with

- like a dad we never met or an uncle who moved to Thailand when we were little, all we know about them are things that family around us tell us about them.

Maybe you have learned from other family members that someone who moved away was irresponsible or maybe just not a very caring human being.

At the time when he or she left this could of course have been true, but we all change.

And most times it's for the better!

And that is very important to remember.

So don't give up hope that things between you and the missing person will be good once you find him!

How to Search for People

But... there are always two sides of a story, right?

The way your family members remember the situation, that is how it was for them back then.

I know of a woman who lost contact with her dad after her parents' divorce.

Now, several years later they finally met up again.

How did they find each other? Well, actually he found her.

She is an actor and he sent her flowers with his number, after a show.

They have now met a couple of times already and she has been introduces to his new wife also.

He said that he doesn't want to talk about old times, it's best to start fresh. She said it seemed like a good idea and it has worked well so far!

How to Search For People - Here is What to Do

1. If you can pay for an investigator, then go for it!

2. Trying out a good people search engine will also be a step in the right direction. If you already have tried one, maybe try another.

One out of all the locators might finally find something of interest on the missing person.

Maybe a comment on a blog with an email address or it could even be something as simple as a review on Amazon by the lost one, and a way to message him or her of course!

Speaking of email addresses, an email people finder program could also be useful at this point.

And speaking of how to search for people, here is a short but amazing video,

where a family meet again after a long time.

The woman who helped them reunite also tries to get them to see that in the end there really is no wrong or right.

It seems like some of the family members are still very disappointed at each other.

But the woman tries to help them see that they shouldn't anymore think about what has happened, instead only enjoy what's happening right now.

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