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Knowing the best searches to find people by phone numbers will save you time and money. Try the free searches first.

Yes, you can just Google the phone number.

Good luck with that one.

Chances are you will spends hours reading through online forums.

99% of them will be complaints about debt collectors or scam alerts.

Look through the following Q&A sessions for tips on the best ways to find someone by phone number.

Find People Phone Number – All about how to find someones phone number.


I met a guy named Thorin last spring on a trip to California. He had such an amazing personality. We talked a lot, he told me about his puppy at home and how he likes to play guitar and sing. Then we played volleyball the whole evening with other friends. The next day we did the same thing.

On the third day I saw him from the terrace in the morning and he waived at me. We were on our way to visit another town for the day and my friends were telling me to hurry up, so I didn't have time to go down and tell him.

And in the evening he wasn't there anymore. All his friends were gone too.

I know that he was from Wisconsin.

I should have tried to find out how to contact him sooner but there has been so much going on that I didn't have time at all. But it's been on my list ever since the holiday. I am wondering how I can get his phone nr. I hope he still remembers me if I find it!


You know, finding someones nr is actually pretty easy. All you need is a bit of details on that someone, coupled with a good people finder website. You know Thorin's last name, right? Then it will be really easy. Especially if he is an adult, living by himself. Just visit for example and find him there. But, if he is still a teenager, Facebook could be the best place to look. Or, if he mentioned his mother's or father's name, you will find them on the website I told you about.

Find People Phone Number – Cellular Phone Numbers

How to find someones cell phone number?

Rachel wrote to me because she says she wants to find out a colleagues mobile number.

"There is someone at work who seems really cool. I haven't talked to him so much, but we have said hello a few times and I know that he knows my name. He is typing on his phone a lot, probably sending emails and messages. I want to find his cell number so I can write him a text, without asking anyone at work. How can I do this?"

Ana has a very similar story:

"I desperately want the number of someone I've seen at school. He is gorgeous.

I think he is taking marketing while I'm in the design program, so we have no classes together. I would like to send him some mysterious messages before revealing who I am.

I have already tried to get my friend go and ask him for the nr and then give it to me, but she didn't want to. Can I find it online?"

Girls, there is a great place for finding cell phone nrs online.

It's this one: Cell Phone Magic at Good luck!

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