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An online people finder website is great to use when you need to figure out where a person lives, works or then to simply look up a phone number.

As you might have heard, some say that Facebook is the best people search option out there.

But as we both might know, we can't always find someone there - I'm sure you've tried.

but of course at times you do, and that's great, but not every single person on this earth has FB.

But if you haven't yet tried there, please do, because it is a viable option.

I guess the hardest is for those of you trying to search people online but who know very little or no details at all.

Then searching online is kind of like trying to find something valuable you've dropped to the ocean floor from a boat. Not impossible, but not at all easy either...

Is there some superior online people finder that could really help us?

Wang contacted me because he said his company delivers IT services and now his assignment was to do background checks for some clients and he tried all of the usual ones.

But he said that most of the searches that say you can search unlimited times for one fee don't hold their promise.

I told him that it's true, many times programs like this promise too much. And it's too bad. because you don't want to buy something and then not get what you expect for your money.

Wang gave me a list of the online people search programs he had already tried.

What I noticed was that


 wasn't on the list!

So I gave him the advice to try it out. Because I've really heard good things about them.

A few stories too where people did not have any luck when searching on there, but most the guys I've talked to who has searched there has found the details they were looking for.

And.. Wang actually did email me back with a big thanks you, saying that my advice was really helpful. Made me feel happy to be able to be of assistance.

I really hope he gets all those background checks done in time for his customers :)

Hope all goes well for you when searching online.

By the way, if you also like doing research on your family history and want to find an online people finder for that, go ahead and check this page out.

Also, here is a list by FBI of missing individuals...

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