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How To Locate Someone Easily Down Under

Searching for someone in Australia is not as hard as you may think. The key is knowing how to conduct your search for best results.

I know that Australia is a big place to be searching for someone.

But always if you have a city where you think this person might be, it makes the everything so much easier.

To find people in Australia, try some of the tips given by private investigator Peter.

He doesn't do people searches because Lynch Investigations' specialty is TSCM Debugging Investigations, but he still had some very useful ideas.

How to do a People Search in Australia by Peter Lynch

  • You can start your search at The Australian Electoral Roll records. They can be found at an Australian Electoral Commission Divisional or State offices.
  • Old telephone books can also be useful in searching old address information.
  • Microfiche records of the older Australian Electoral Roll at the National Library in Canberra can be quite useful in finding a last known address for a person.
  • Google - Searching a name in full, an address or even a telephone number may reveal some useful information.
  • Newspapers and obituary records are sometimes able to be accessed online directly via a specific newspapers online. 

Thanks Peter for all your help!

Here is a website that might be useful:

They register and keep records of all...

Another useful resource to cross reference an address or name information is Go to "Residential" to start your search.

So if you are looking for a people finder Australia, its good to know that the site mentioned above finds individuals pretty easily.

Find a Person Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne...

Owen H. wanted to know how to locate someone who moved to Sydney from Ireland in the 1990's.

Addison asked me a very similar question, about how to find her younger cousin Nathan Wilson who relocated to Brisbane with his family as a baby.

There are a few things all of us can do when needing to find someone in Australia - in any city or town, the ones mentioned above or Adelaide, Darwin, the capital Canberra, Sunshine Coast or any other place...

  • Call the major companies in that city, and maybe the schools too, asking if they have an employee or student with that name.
  • Place an ad in the most popular newspaper or magazine, stating the information you've got on the lost person along with your contact details. 
  • You could also have a local person put up a note in the different public places saying that you are looking for this person.

"My husband has a lost relative. We have used all kinds of people search websites but we just cannot locate him. He was a sailor in the 80's. We don't know where he is today. He is from Perth and has no other family than us, at least non that we know of. - Shelly"

Why Not Do A People Search Australia With the Help of a Private Detective?

I know, sometimes you still can't find a person after having tried your best. This is when you could turn to professionals like for example the detectives at Good luck!

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