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"My boyfriend went to Ghana on business and when he was trying to come home he was in a accident and was hurt. I am so worried about him. Is there any way you can find out if he is ok?

I'm so scared because the last time he wrote to me was July 10. Please help me find out if he is okay. He was in hospital Somen. His name is Eric Wilson he live here in California.

Thank you Laurie Hopkins"

My answer:

"Hi Laurie. I'm in Finland so I can't really help you with this one, and I can't think of any place online that could find people in Ghana.

But how about if you contact a private detective in Ghana? I am sure they could help.

Has the hospital been able to say when he left from there? And in what condition he was and where he was going? Did someone pick him up?"

International People Finder, click here.

It's a page on this site where I give more detailed info on this subjects.

You can of course also go to the main international people search page where you'll find a lot of help when trying to find someone in Africa, Australia, China, Russia, USA, Germany and more.

Answer continued: "I so know how you feel though! My brother was just missing some days ago. he disappeared last week and we finally found him a few days later. After having asked most of his Facebook friends, gone around the city with a picture to ask people if they have seen him, we finally found him by calling all the hospitals. He is ok, but needs to stay in the hospital for pretty long still.

Thanks for your message and I wish you all the best finding your boyfriend.

By the way, the police can help in this case since he has been missing for so long already. Usually they don't help if only a few days have gone by, but this is much longer - so they should be interested in the case.

Maybe someone you know in Ghana could go and report him being missing, if they didn't already.


Please, if you can help Laurie, contact this site.

Someone else said this:

"Long story short, I have a 12 yr old daughter who loved gaming online and met a 19 year old on there and I found all sorts of unappropriate messages. I am very worried and want to know where this kid is who knew she was 12 and want to bring him to justice.."

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A person asked me a while back how to do a deep web people search and how it works. Well, you could use one of the websites I have recommended here.

For example the one at the bottom of the page. You'll see it if you scroll down a little, but I want to make sure you know that it's not an international people finder though.

But there is also one called, but it's not only for people search purposes, but it works as good as any of the free engines out there.

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