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How To Find A Brit's Address Online

Trying to locate someone's address in the United kingdom can be difficult. Unlike the United States, he UK still has privacy laws that are enforced.

What are my UK address finder options?

Read this letter from a recent visitor...

After a trip to the UK my niece decided to stay there.

She was home visiting a few years ago, but then we somehow lost touch.

She lived in Hove back then. I also know she is married to a UK man now.

I so wonder if they have gotten any children by now.

Is there some way I could find out where she lives?

I would like to send cards for her birthday and name day and next year when I am traveling to England I could maybe meet her. – Maria H.

192 Find People Addresses UK

Hi! How about you try the UK address finder 192. This people finder site has won several awards and is useful when you need an address.

It is based in London but they can search all over the United Kingdom for you. They also have an Expert Trace service that is a bit more expensive but worth considering.

I have talked to the staff before because of something and they are very helpful.

Another good one is From what I have heard they are very professional.

And then there is Just check them out and then you can decide which one you will use.

Christina Jefferson says:

I have a god child that relocated to the UK for work. The other day I wanted to send him a gift but realized I don't have his address.

We don't have any contact by email or anything like that, so I am now wondering where I could get his street address from.

I do have his mobile number but it seems like the phone is always off. The first semester he lived on campus, but then he moved in with friends.

I don't have so much contact with his parents, so I hope I can avoid asking them. But if absolutely necessary I will ask them of course.

Hello Christina! No worries, you don't have to ask his parents, there are other ways!

You can use one of the address finder UK websites that I discussed above. I hope you find your god child!

I am actually about to become god mother to twins this month! Its an amazing feeling. I hope I can keep in touch with them when they are grown too, even if I know we will be living in different countries by then.

Thanks to all of you who visit this website and this UK address finder page.

And also thanks to all of you who ask questions and leave comments, I really appreciate it. Have a great day! – Tonia (Admin)

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