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Learn How To Locate Anyone in the United Kingdom

Find anyone in the UK – Searching for a person in this beautiful country? These easy steps will help .

To make your search as easy as possible you need to know what websites to use.

The best ones for you to try would be those that concentrate or focus on Great Britain only.

On this page I will tell you about a website that I'm pretty sure you haven't heard about yet!

An excellent search engine that will help you locate and meet your old friends and lost family in no time.

When you are trying to find people in the UK you have some options.

First and foremost is Facebook. If you are good at using it, you may be able to find the person or some relative of the person there.

Brits love that site as much other people around the world, so there is a possibility that the missing one has an account there.

In general that site and similar ones are good with re-connecting people.

The people find UK site that I want to tell you about is very good and also very easy to use.

And the best part - it does not cost much at all. There you can look up just about anyone living in England.

Subscribe first, then there is a search box where you can do your search by name. You can also use the address search.

This excellent finder is called

To be successful with this one you should know the surname of the person and if you know the county he lives in it would be good too. The results will be more promising that way.

Here is a Find People UK...

Maariya's brother Jadon was missing. He had taken the train to Manchester where he said he was going to stay with friends for a while.

Some days after he had left he called home and said he was fine and that he was looking for work over there.

The second time he called he said he had found an apartment he would share with someone else and a part time job.

But that was a few months ago...

She told me she had tried to locate him with a people finder UK, but there was just nothing new on him online.

But this girl likes to take the matter into her own hands! A week ago she took the train to Manchester and went to the area of the city that he had said he was staying at.

She did not know exactly where, but she knew it was quite close to Platt Fields Park.

She asked all the local bars and the shops in the area but no one really knew who she was talking about, except in one small shop where the owner recognized a picture of J. He said he had seen him come in a few times to buy groceries, but he knew nothing about him.

Maariya put up a note in that shop and at the local library. Also outside as many houses as possible.

The note said: "Jadon P. I miss you, please call me! Your sister M."

Two days later he called!

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you can try out the search engine I recommended, and let's see what happens.

Find People UK - The young woman below is searching for her parents...

Do you recognize her?

On the Huffington Post website there is another picture of her.

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