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This Find Someone UK page is about a great People Search UK that will find lost individuals in England and Wales for you.

But I also have advice for those who want to find someone to date in the UK!

Find Someone UK

So, what are you looking for?

A Missing Person



There is no wonder that families lose contact with each other in Great Britain because of its many million residents.

Children are being adopted, put into foster care, siblings are separated in the process, parents get divorced, uncles or cousins move overseas, you know..

A good UK People Finder will effectively help you find people in this part of Europe.

Lost Individuals

It's hard to find out where someone is without the internet. Yes, you can go and visit them if you've got an address and if you happen to live in the same city. And maybe he is even at home when you get there. But most of the time we get to know that he already has moved somewhere else – and the search continues.

If you can't think of any ways to find the missing person offline, or if you have already tried but failed - you will need to use an online people search England.

There is one that is very good, you can do a regular search there or a more advanced one. The advanced one asks you for a little more in depth information. This is, of course, only if you know all of this information.

They do charge a small fee for some of the results, some are free.

If you would want, you can also use them to search for a business in the UK.

The name of this UK people finder is


Finding love online can be fun and also pretty effective. You can get right to the point and ask the important questions without feeling like it's too soon.

But if the person lives far away from you the chances of you two becoming a couple will be lower. Because it's not easy to really get to know someone just by emailing or even Skyping. I know it's not always like that, but it still makes sense to try to find someone who lives close to you so it's not such a big deal to meet up and start seeing each other in real life.

There is one very good UK dating site, it is called

It is a website that has been around for a long time and is so much fun to use. There are lots of couples that have met there. Check it out, you might find love sooner than you think :)

Good luck with finding people in England!

More information on how to find someone UK, here.

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