How To Find Single People

The easiest way to find single people is to look for them on the internet.

Believe it or not, that's my son on that picture. I thought it would fit pretty well on this page - because it's all about finding love, right?

These days it gets more and more common to find new people online.

You could of course also find someone through a friend or maybe even at work or in a class you are taking.

And maybe it would work to go to a bar to find the one, but I'm not sure... that strategy has at least not worked for me very well...

You just don't know what the men and women there are looking for.

And i guess going to a bar to find new people was something I would do in my late teens or early 20's..

But nowadays I prefer having a good conversation with the person before I actually meet them in person!

Why? To get to know him a bit, learn about his values, his way of seeing life, you know :)

I feel like I don't want just anybody anymore, certain things and values have to be there...

But of course the most important thing, and the only thing that really matters in the end is LOVE.

And that will only come after you meet that someone for real.

Not while you are still communicating online!

Online Dating Websites For You

1. One place to go when you want to find single people is

It's a very nice dating site with a cool concept.

There is a UK version of it too.

2. Another very nice place to find a date is Friend Finder!

What I like most about that website is that there you can have online Webcam chats with your potential matches! It's great!

3. Looking for green singles?

Are you Eco-conscious and maybe vegan or vegetarian? Spiritual in any way?
Then I have the perfect place for you!

It's a great website with amazing people from USA and Canada but also from all other parts of the world. I met my so many interesting people there.

For example one person I have been emailing with for quite a while now. We live in different countries, but we are planning on meeting this summer! It will be great to finally meet the person behind all of those wonderful emails!

Here it is...

Did you know that I have also met my best friend online? I met him on the net almost 7 years ago!

I had moved to a new area and was looking to find single people who lived around there and saw his picture.

On the picture he was standing in his garden wearing a red and white apron. I thought it was so cute that I sent him a friend request.

I found out that his daughter is exactly the same age as my son, so the four of us have had many fun meetings over the years. He has been in and out of relationships during these 7 years and we have never been romantically involved, but instead we became best friends. We call each other all the time, it's great :) 

Basically all the friendships I have made the last 10 years have started online! How about you?

Click here to go to the People Finder home page from this Find Single People page.

But speaking of how to find single people and about love...

I got a phone call last night that made me think a lot about love. And about how amazing it would be to fall in love again!

It was friend of mine who called. He's been single for many years, a successful designer and a very independent person. He has always stressed the importance of not being dependent on anyone. He also was not sure if he ever wanted any children.

So, he called me yesterday saying that something has happened and that he is scared. He said it almost feels unreal, it's something he has never experienced before. He is in love!

He met this girl... It started by them going out for a coffee here and there and suddenly they fell in love. And now they can't stay away from each other. He says all he can think about is holding her hand! Isn't that just beautiful...

He said they even talk about having babies already and it's so not like him. And now he is worried because all he does is think about her and he can't even sleep.. But I told him to calm down and to see it as a something positive, to be happy about it! It's a new exciting experience! He said, yeah, you think I worry too much right.. And then he said he is scared he will become too attached to her. Again I said he should just relax and enjoy!

I remember that sometimes I have fallen in love slowly and sometimes it came pretty fast. Other times I wanted it to happen, but it just didn't.

How has it been for you? And what sites do you use to find single people?

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