How to Find Someones Email

How to find someones email - Did you lose an email address you just got from someone?

Or did you switch email accounts and in the process lost the addresses of all your contacts? Well, let's see what I can do to help you.

Every week I get questions from you about how to get hold of someone's email.

This week for example Carla F. wrote that she wanted to get the e mail address of a man she recently met at a music festival.

I told her that an email address search website would be her best bet. There is one that I especially like. I have many times noticed that it's a pretty good website to have access to in situation when you know the name of someone but don't have their email. It has happened to me quite a few times over the years.

So, the best would actually be to try out the email people finder I recommend on the previous page, here.

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Recently I had trouble finding one person's email. I sold a website that I built but didn't use much - to a man named Gary. He contacted me through the website, saying that he would like to buy it and I sold it to him immediately.

The minute I gave him the rights to the website I could no longer access my back office and the email system that was connected to the website.

And when I realized I still needed to tell him something I didn't know what to do. I no longer had his email address!

In this case the email finder above would have been an excellent tool for me.

But I didn't need to use any email search software after all. Because in the end I got his details by checking my PayPal account.

Find Email Address By Name

Using any program you do need to know the whole name of the person who owns the email account.

The email address finder website I like the most is not totally free, but pretty cheap.

How to find someones email address for free? Well, so far I have not found any good system that will search for free. But if I find a reliable one I will be posting about it on this page. But come to think of it... a find-email-address-free program is probably too good to be true and I wonder how well it would actually work... but if you have heard someone who has talked about one and has had success with it then go ahead and try it out - and let me know about it too :)

Syed has tried to figure out his old friend's email address for many days already now. He wrote me to tell me about his frustration. He says it is like this person doesn't have an email at all! And that can happen sometime, although it's rare these days. Depends on the age of the person. Children and people over 70 don't always have e mail addresses. But I suggested that he might have had spelled the surname of his old friend wrong. And Syed says I could be right... the friend has a Hungarian surname and he is not totally sure of the spelling… Hope you have better luck!

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Joyce says: "I actually found out the email of a person by searching through the website of the place he where he works. First it seemed as if he wasn't on there at all, but then I found one page where his name was mentioned and there was his email too, can you believe it? I immediately went on to write him a long letter/email!"