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Intelius specializes in background checks and in depth people searches. Intelius people search is a private company with a large public record provider behind it.

US Searches Only: this is an American people finder - so use it only if you want to find an old friend of relative in the United States of America :)

It will work for those of you searching for lost ones anywhere in the US. Some of you have asked me for North Dakota, Alabama, Washington, Arkansas people finders... but it's not necessary to have individual ones when there is this site.

For example, a woman called Louise told me she needed a Mississippi people finder.

I told her to use the website I am talking about here.

There are some difficult cases where a website like this might not help you much.

Chris Frank from Cleveland, is still looking for two of his cousins.

The search has been going on for several years.

He says they are not on any social media places or on the popular people finders.

He has just not had any luck yet.

He says they should be in their mid thirties by now, could be married.

And what's more, they way it looks, it's not possible to find them with the surname he has and that is a bit of a dilemma.

The Intelius People Search

One friend of mine, Luke, said he stumbled upon the website last month when he wanted to figure out where a classmate from middle school lives today.

They had recently met on a party but he lost her business card. He said that in his opinion it's pretty good.

Have You Ever Searched For Someone On This Website?

Please only share your experience with us if it is a real one!

The information you share will be important to other readers of this website.

By the way, this Wikipedia page would be good for you to read, There it for example says that the Intelius people search is not (yet) a member of the BBB.

Smaller people search websites or web sites to find people are many times without customer support or contact information (this is not the case with Intelius).

Many of these small people finders are operated by a single person. Some are also private label people searchers, which makes it hard for customers to know who they are really buying their services from.

Think about what exactly you need before you start you search. That way things will go smoother.

If you want to investigate an address, just go to their home page, then under Reverse Lookup, click on:

One person I talked to said he had bought a few services he didn't need when using a friend finder website, just because there was so much information everywhere. Later he realized it had been unnecessary to get all of it.

Judith and Denise Davis were raised in Chicago in the Bridgeport area. Their mother made the choice to move to South Africa when the girls were in their early twenties and it was their own choice to stay in the US. After the mother left, the girls lived with an older relative, aunt Delores Davis, for a few years.

Tyler says: "Dolores passed away about 15 years ago and after that we never heard anything from Judith and Denise anymore".

If you are a PI or someone who knows these girls, please help him. Thanks.

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