Find Garth Garry Gesila

by Garth Newmeyers, Mark and Rupert

1. Please help this person find his siblings and other family members:

Garth and Garry twins used to have 2 sisters.

Margaret and Veronica. Mother: Hilda Charnock Cowley

I am Garth looking for my sisters but also for cousin Bonny or Dorothy, Hilda's sister.

Use email


2. Someone else also contacted me because he needs to find a woman called Gesila. Please help if you can.

"I'm looking for a Gesila SCHULTZ. She worked as a Dental asst. At Rothwesern army base outside Kassel Germany in 1965-67. Any ideas on how to find her?"

Answer: Mark, that doesn't sound like a very easy case... but you could go to the Germany page to get some clues maybe, here it is: german-people-finder


3. Rupert De Vries:

"My siblings and I have been trying to find out a bit about our heritage, research were we are from, but it is not easy because our parents passed a long time ago. Non of them talked much about where they were from or about relatives or old times and it does makes us wonder why. They just mentioned one or two things if we asked, like the names of mother's brother and wife, but not much more.

This is what we know - Mother grew up in Slovenia, had old parents who passed when she was very young and that is when she relocated to Wisconsin, US. Reason unknown. She had an older brother who had already married to a young woman called Anja but had no kids at the time, his name was Artur Horvat. We don't know whether he is alive today or if he and Anja had any children. Artur was a farmer.

Our father was an only child to a single mother. He came to the US to study and them stayed. He had a cousin on his mother's side. We do know her name because father made a trip to visit her family about thirty years ago and he came back with gifts for us. But it is unclear if he after that had more contact with them or not.
Are there any people finder websites that we could turn to?

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