I'm looking fo Cornelia Sterski - PeopleFinderAdvice

by Vlad Zarici
(New York, USA)

Cornelia Sterski is a friend back in Romania.


And T. Camillrri wants to find Rick Thwaites who lives in the Philippines


And something I got from someone who contacted me a while ago:

"Hi Tonia,

Another success story for your website!
I found Marcelle, indirectly through you - by telling someone about your website and she went with her detective skills and knowledge of German and found her for me via Google.

Thank you so much for all you do/did!

Roberta Youtan Kay"

Wohoo! I'm so glad that at least some of you coming to this people finder help website actually find your lost friends and family.

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep going with this website, if it makes any sense keeping it "alive".

I mean, there are around 200-300 people coming here every day, so I guess it means I must have some good information here, but at times I'm busy with other things and my other websites - and then I wonder if I should continue with this one.

But I'm really happy to hear that my information actually helped someone - once again :)

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