Looking for long lost friend Jessica Nicole Trosper

(Bristol, TN)

...or Married name Mowdy, NE, Tennessee - REWARD!

My name is John Woods and I had a wonderful childhood friend in Tennessee.

Her maiden name is Jessica Trosper.

Her married name is Jessica Mowdy, white Female, around 5'9" 135 lbs last known to be in the Bristol, TN area. (Her ex-husband was Curtis Mowdy Jr. they lived in Telford, TN years ago.)

I found her on an old Myspace page and she should has a son named Zachary around 16.

I want to reconnect and talk about old times. I am offering $100 leading to her location.

For any information regarding to her whereabouts and for reward and pictures, please contact me at sugarman1210@gmail.com



Thanks John for you people finder classified. How old would Jessica be right now?

I searched around a bit and on some websites there were a lot of people that could be her, but all with different ages. So a year of birth would definitely be good.

Also, do you happen to have any old pictures of you and her? That could help you when you find a few that could be her. You could send the pictures to her and it will help her remember you also.

There is a mug shot from 2011 out there on the net, maybe you’ve seen it? Of someone called Jessica Nicole Mowdy from Kingsport, Tennessee. I can email it to you if you like? It doesn't at all have to be her, don't worry.

On Archives.com there was also a marriage record of her. Not sure if that could help you?

I also did a search with another people search engine and found a picture where someone with that name holds a baby. If you want me to send you that pic also, let me know. The woman in that pic is 32 years old...

It is very good you have the name of her son, and after a little investigation on him I think I might have found him online actually. But I still have to confirm with the person that it really is him.

John, let me know here one this page (by leaving a comment) if you are interested in that information once I have it :)


Update: I contacted him online but he did not write me back. I saw on his profile that he lives in Tennessee, in Union City, where he is also from. I think it could be the son.

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I might have seen her NEW
by: Anonymous

$100 isn't gone do

by: John

You have found about as much as I have. I am surprised that you may have found her son. I am always so surprised when people his age around 15 to 16 don't have Facebook. Anyways she (Jessica) was born in 80 or 81 and does have a Myspace account if you look her up on there. Of course it is around 12 years old. Jessica is 30 or 31. I know that she has lived in Johnson City, TN and Bristol/Blountville/Kingsport, TN. Thank you so much for giving me a hand. Let me know if you figure anything out, and yes I do have pictures SSN, DOB, etc. She is like a ghost. Anyways, thanks again. Maybe she is in a totally different location. Email me personally if you would like.

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