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by Kehinde

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1. Looking For My Mother

I lost my mother since I was a year or two. It was around 1974 when my mother and my father departed each other.

My father carried me and my mother carried my twin sister.

Since then we lost contact and my father told me my mother is from Ohafia in Abia state and her name is Juliana Lekwa.

He couldn't get her surname correctly and I am pleading if any one could help me find my twin sister and my mother, please contact me.

At the time we were born my father was in the Nigeria Army and he is from Ekiti state.

My name is Kehinde Ogungnaibi and my number is 08141188745

Please any one with useful info should contact me as soon as possible.

2. Please can someone help me find a women in her late 20 early 30s lost in Lagos Nigeria.

I'm not sure if her landlord may have hurt her. The embassy threatened to arrest her if she asked them for help.

Her name is CAMILA NELSON. She is U.S. citizen. Her landlord threatened if I didn't pay for the rent, $200, then he would do something. It's been 3 days now and I can't get ahold of her on these numbers 1110-440-602. 1110-440-602 or -603.

The land loard called me on my phone from 2348126232984. IFK is his name but they are not there. I can't find them and we usually text and stay in touch ever single day..

Answer: Hi Mike! That sounds like a terrible situation! Have you been able to get a hold of her now? Do you know anyone in Lagos who could go to the apartment to check what's going on? Someone should also go to the home of the landlord to talk to him. No one has a right to hurt anyone because of unpaid rent - or for any other reason.

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