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Best would always be to use a state wide people search.

Some of those who are from Maryland move to Washington or then to New York to study or work.

Pennsylvania, Virginia and Delaware are also close by.

If you are sure that the person lives in Maryland, you should still use a people finder search that can find individuals in the whole country.

One only for MD is not yet out there.

I have helped many of you to find your loved ones. And there is one place online I recommend for those who know the following:

And of course it would be good if you also knew how old your friend is, but it is not required. If you have an old address you can also select the person from the list of individuals who go under that name quite easily.

It is a very good search website to use when looking for anyone in Rockville, Baltimore, Aspen Hill, Bel Air North or South, Columbia, Bethesda, Ellicott City or somewhere else in MD or of course in any other state!

Here it is, if you want to read more about it.

Finding Petra and Andrew Stewart

Hi! My name is Ava. When I was little we lived together with my mom's partner and his daughter. Amanda and I are the same age, birthdys the same day even! We went to the same school and the same girl scouts and gymnastics. During the summer before 6th grade things started to look bad for the relationship of our parents. They were constantly arguing and my mom was often in a bad mood when we got home from our day summer camp.

One morning my mom told me that we would be moving out!

She had found a job in Washington so we relocated there.

My mom did not want me to call the old house at all, so I didn't.

But now many years later I know that I could have stayed in touch with them if I wanted to..

So I'm looking for them.

They don't live in the old house in Baltimore anymore, it's been sold.

I have a hard time finding a Maryland people finder website.

So, Andrew Stewart (step dad) and Amanda Myra Stewart, are you out there? Skype: avajj39

Looking for Sharon

I had a friend at Uni in Europe who got pregnant the same time as me. We were not that close in the beginning, but we became better friends later during the semester. We both tried to get our boyfriends to come over to the US (where we were supposed to study next semester at the University of Maryland).

She managed to get her b-friend to move with her, I didn't. We both took a year off from school to have the babies and during that year we lost touch.

When I returned to school she wasn't there anymore.maybe she wanted to stay home even longer.

It would be so cool to hear if she got a boy or a girl and how it has been going with her boyfriend, living in the States with her. The problem is, all I know is that her first name is Sharon! That's all. I don't know how I can find her... - Elisabeth

Answer: Elisabeth, I've sent you and email. Wish I could help more than the tips and not a Maryland people finder info I've sent you. You are not in the easiest situation though. There is one page on this site you should take a look at, about finding people by first name, here. -Admin

Maryland People Finder - How Can I Find...

A guy from my past, Mark L.

He is a stock broker from MD. Very sweet, but works all the time. It bothered me last time we went out, but now I think it wouldn't anymore as I'm very busy myself these days. The problem is that I erased his number from my phone over a year ago. But now I have changed my mind... I already searched everywhere and then started looking for a Maryland people finder, but no luck.

What can I do? I also can't find his email anymore and it seems like he is too busy for Facebook because he is not there either.

I know where he works, but it's a huge company and I don't think they would help me there at all. We dont live in the same city so it's not like I can start hanging out close to where he works in hope of seeing him one morning...

Answer: Hi! If he doesn't have FB (which would be a natural way to connect after such a long time), try a people finder that searches the internet for any other profiles. I recommend one here.

By the way, this guy sounds like he has a Linked In profile, so that might be something to try too. -Admin

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