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A Missouri people finder Question from Sam:

I'm looking for Christina Patel.

We have met in Mill Creek Manor many times while walking our dogs. Recently I dont bump into you anymore. I am Sam, with the crazy Cocker Spaniel! Once he ran away and you helped me look for him.

What I know about you is this: you work in a beauty salon/spa (which one you didn't say – or I guess I didn't ask). You have another passion too and that is food. You want to become a chef and you take some evening courses somewhere here in Columbia, MO.

In our conversations you also mentioned Memphis, Tennessee. I think your family lives there. You are half Asian half Caucasian. Probably in your late twenties. Would love to hear from you and see you and your Labrador puppy again!

Is there some way I can find her? - Sam Curtis


There are some US and of course Missouri people finder websites where you could find her at (works as a Tennessee people finder too).

You seem to have enough information about her to locate her. You know where in the Missouri she lives (she must live close to you if she walks her dog there) and you have her full name.

Here is a page where I write about one you could try right now.

You could also go to the website of the University of Missouri. If she has ever attended that college or worked there you might find her in their database?


Alex, where are you?

I went to a bar recently with a friend called David and a couple of other people.

A wonderful guy called Alex came up to me when I was standing there with David and the other friends.

He started talking to me and I soon realized that I liked him.

I saw that David for some reason looked like he wanted us to stop talking. Alex noticed it and asked "are you with him?" and I said no. Then he said "are you sure", several times.

He also asked me why he hasn't seen me there before and I told him that I have a daughter and that I dont go out much because of it. He said he absolutely loves kids!

What a cool person!

My friend David finally had enough and asked me to come and talk with him. I felt bad for him, so I told Alex I would be back in a minute. I ended up staying for more than just a minute and when I came back Alex was gone!

I was depressed for the rest of the night and asked lots of people there if they knew who he was, but they didn't. I cant go out that much because of my daughter, but last night I organized with a babysitter to come to stay with her just so I could go back to that bar to see if he would be there, but he wasn't. I can't really use a people search because I don't know so much about him... If I would know his surname I would of course use a Missouri people finder...

Alex from Independence, do you remember me Karen?

You can find me on Facebook. Karen M. Holt

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